[NEW PRODUCT] How to Put a Bandana on Your Dog

Bandanas are an instant way to dress up your dog – without the discomfort of a full outfit. Not only do they look adorable on dogs of all coat types, breeds and sizes, they’re easily the most useful accessory you’ll add to your dog’s wardrobe.

Why Do People Put Bandanas On Dogs?

Bandanas are more than just a stylish accessory. Here’s how you can get more out of your dog’s cute digs:

  • Mop up drool. For dogs with juicy jowls, like Bulldogs and Mastiffs, a bandana can catch drips before they hit the floor or furniture. You can also use the bandana to wipe your hands, or any stray puddles.
  • Keep your dog cool. Dampen with cool water to keep your dog from overheating on hot summer days.
  • Use calming spray. If your dog has anxiety, you can spritz a calming blend of essential oils onto their bandana to keep the soothing scent close to their nose. A calming spray like ThunderEssence can be used daily, or as needed on trips to the vet, during travel and other potentially stressful events.
  • Apply flea and tick spray. Before you let your dog play outdoors, spray some flea and tick spray on your dog’s bandana. This works best with a natural spray, as some products are not meant to be used close to the nose and mouth. Thick neck fur is a favorite hiding spot for bugs that bite, so this method can serve as extra protection for your dog. You’ll need to spray the rest of their body, too, though, or use a sprayed bandana in conjunction with another protective product.

How To Put A Bandana On Your Dog

It’s easy to tie a bandana around your dog’s neck. Simply lay it flat, printed side down. Fold it diagonally, into a triangle. Then, take the two corners along the folded edge, bring them together, and tie a simple knot.

As with collars, bandanas should never be left around a dog’s neck while they are crated or unattended. In rare instances, a bandana may get caught on something, and your dog may tangle themselves even more trying to escape, which can lead to strangulation.

Also take care if you have other pets, or if you ever take your dog to a dog park. During play, one dog’s teeth can get caught in another’s bandana, which could also pose a strangulation hazard.

A tight fit is not necessary. Allow at least enough space for you to fit two fingers between the bandana and your dog’s neck without pressing into their skin. You can even leave it loose enough to slip over their head if pulled. That way, in the event the bandana gets snagged on something, your dog would be able to wriggle their way out.

Expand Your Dog’s Wardrobe With FunDog Bandanas!

It’s easy to dress up your dog for every occasion with FunDog Bandanas. Dogs love the extra attention they get when they wear a snazzy new style, and most don’t mind wearing the comfortable, durable fabrics. Our two-packs are perfect for building up your dog’s collection or sharing with friends!

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  1. I love the Halloween ones! I like to dress up my dog during the holidays and this would be perfect for him!

  2. My doggie would LOVE them all ❤ but the Halloween ones would be perfect because the BOO one GLOWS IN THE DARK .. I have a blacklight in our room and I bet it would look awesome on him 😍 He has a couple reg ones red,blue and a tie dyed one and he loves them. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL 🍀

  3. I think the Halloween set is my favorite.
    I think it will add to there Halloween activity

  4. My Annie would love the Christmas bandanas so she will match all the Christmas decorations in our home.

  5. Love the “can’t have nice things” as that is what happens when a new fur baby is added to our home! Would look so cute on all kinds of dogs.Lots of love ,patience and training go into them to become good dogs!!

  6. Sandi and Harley would love the Christmas outfits! One is very appropriate for Harley! (The Naughty is the new nice one 😉 )

  7. I like putting bananas on my dogs year round for fun and holiday themes during the holidays. They are cheap to buy, easy to wash & not a big loss when lost or torn. When out on a hike I wet them with water from the cooler or water bottles to keep them cool. My dogs like wearing them.

  8. I love the “In my defense…” and “I am the reason…” My puppy will be a year old and still loves to chew!!

  9. I like the I’m the reason we can’t have nice things and the In my defense one and the Halloween ones, Would go with my cats nicely but all of them are good.

  10. Would love the Boo glow in the dark. For when I take Max for walks at night.

  11. I love the Christmas ones, adds to all the other Christmas decorations in the house!

  12. I personally prefer the “naughty dog” theme, although I wish the word “unsupervised” could be replaced with “the cat” or “being me”. In my opinion , using the word “unsupervised” isn’t a word the average person (or dog) would say in an everyday conversation. Too “politically correct” (PC) for my taste. The Halloween motif is nice also,especially the glow in the dark feature. It would be great if all the bandannas had that feature. The Christmas theme to me is BLAH, it’s the same,boring, motif that is on all the bandannas I’ve seen!!! I believe you can design and create a much more festive theme for this great holiday time. After all, there’s NOTHING better than a “naughty” dog and this beautiful holiday.

  13. My two adopted/rescued German Sheps would enjoy all. They are elated when something new comes, especially a new bed product. They have never worn a piece of clothing, they are big scarred cats, the spray on a bandanna would help I’m sure. my choice is the don’t blame me for human error, IE unsupervised etc. Indeed when they act out it’s more than likely our fault. The two sweeties take good care of Autistic Grand and Vietnam Vet with PTSD, they deserve the win, thanks

  14. Sparkles loves to dress up for the holidays! She will look great in the Christmas bandanas!

  15. To my defense i was left unsupervised . i was rescued 14 years ago

  16. I like the “I’m the reason” ones. My daughter just moved back home with her French bulldog puppy (which makes 5 dogs in the house with my 3 pitties and a chihuahua) and he is a terror! LOL!

  17. My Kylie Lee would love the Halloween Bandanas 😃

  18. 😃

  19. Our dog cannot wear a collar and tags as he breaks out, so he wears bandanas with name and phone number

  20. love the halloween one, both with the wording on it

  21. Bandanas are fun to “dress up” our pups for the holidays.

  22. The Christmas Set would be great. They would look nice on ours.

  23. Daisy and Penny Lane would have fun showing off these bandanas walking around the neighborhood at Halloween or even exploring waterfalls. Thanks for the opportunity.

  24. I live them all. My 2 boys love the attention bandanas gets them. I really love how adorable all bandanas make my already beautiful boys look!!🥰🐕

  25. My Maleia is a rescue and she needs the one where we can’t have nice things. When I adopted her she’d not ever been on the grass and she was petrified of everything. Maleia now owns me.

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