[NEW PRODUCT] The importance of walking your dog

Why It’s Important To Walk Your Dog… Even If You Have A Backyard

It can be tough to find time for daily dog walks. When you have a fenced-in backyard, it can be tempting to just let them out. If your dog gets enough potty breaks in the yard, is it really worthwhile to go on walks?

As it turns out, there are benefits of walking your dog that they can’t get from backyard outings.

Dogs Who Walk Are Easier To Train

Do you avoid walks because your dog turns into a monster? Do they pull until your arm gets sore? Do they bark and bark when they can’t get to a squirrel?

Getting your dog under control on walks takes time, but it’s worth the effort.

The key to leash training is to use communication skills, rather than relying on leash pressure, to guide your dog. You can use both verbal cues and nonverbal signals. Only move forward when your dog stops pulling. Bring treats to reward your dog when they’re walking correctly.

With practice, your dog will learn to be more attentive on walks, even around distractions. This leads to better communication even when the walk is over.

Playing In The Yard Isn’t Always Enough Exercise

Running around in a fenced-in yard does count as exercise. But, it doesn’t always amount to consistent physical activity.

Dogs tend to run in short bursts. They may chase after a bird for a while, and then spend the rest of their time outside sniffing around the garden. Even dogs who have playmates may not actually exert themselves.

Walking is a great way for your dog to develop endurance. You can go for a quick jog or a long walk – both are excellent forms of cardio that can help your dog lose or maintain weight.

Sniffing Provides Mental Stimulation

Walking your dog stimulates their mind, too. Mental stimulation can tire out your dog just as much as physically demanding exercise.

Give your dog plenty of opportunities to sniff during walks. You can actually use your dog’s environment as a reward. You can go for unstructured walks and let your dog lead the way, or you can teach a command to let them know when it’s okay to sniff freely.

Benefits Of Walking Your Puppy

Once your puppy has all of their core vaccinations and gets the okay from your vet, you can start taking them for walks.

Start on leash training early. It’s normal for puppies to be bouncy, chew on the leash, and get distracted. Be patient. Starting early means your puppy can be a wonderful walker by the time they’re an adolescent.

For large breeds, you’ll need to limit high-impact exercise until your dog is fully grown. Running, steep hikes, and clearing tall obstacles can damage your puppy’s growth plates. Short, leisurely walks are a good alternative to high-impact activities.

DOOG Makes It Easy To Get Out And Walk!

Would you walk your dog more if only it were easier to get out the door?

We love the DOOG Walkie Belt and Tidy Bags for that very reason.

You can pack it with spare keys, fill the dispenser with biodegradable Tidy Bags, and load it up with treats so you’re always ready for walkies. Clip your dog’s leash to the built-in carabiner for hands-free walks.

Tidy Bags are scented, making those trips to the trash can much more bearable. Dog poop can pollute your local waterways, so it’s important that you always pick it up.

The Walkie Belt fits snugly around your waist so your dog gear is always within reach, yet safely stowed so you can walk, run, jog and play.

Win a FREE DOOG Walkie Belt!
Walking your dog just got that much easier!  Just leave a comment below letting us know which of the 3 styles you prefer and you could win a FREE DOOG Walkie Belt from 1800PetMeds! Three winners will be chosen at random Tuesday, October 1, 2019, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of three (3) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!  
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  1. I love the polka dotted one. I always put the doggie bags through my belt loops when I walk my babies. This would be awesome.
    Thank you!!

  2. This belt would be great for walks with my dog.

  3. “The Fisch” is a camo kind of guy Being an artist and writer and constantly wearing his black Puli suit….he’d look GRRR-EAT! Check him out with his brother….Harry!12 PAWS UP!!!

  4. Would love it! Don’t have enough pickets to carry everything when I walk my little man!

  5. The solid gray belt is sweet and simple. Since I have a mix of dogs, gender neutral is a plus! My pups keep us busy, so this belt would be a tremendous help! Thank you for the opportunity to win! :0)

  6. Hope likes the grey one.

  7. I like the gray one, it’s simple. I use a backpack when I take my pup for her walk but it’s to hard to get to it and hold onto the leash, the bag would make it so much more convenient to get to things needed.

  8. I like the solid gray is it would more with what ever your wearing. Blue everything would this our Lizzy is a boy.

  9. Love the Camo One!!!

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