PetMeds® Celebrates Senior Pets With “Fur-ever Young” Giveaway

PetMeds® is hosting a giveaway through November to celebrate Senior Pet Month and help pet parents adapt to their cat or dog’s changing needs. All pet parents are invited to enter the “Fur-ever Young” giveaway for a chance to win prizes for their cat or dog.

November is Senior Pet Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the perks of adopting a senior cat or dog as well as the importance of proper care and an active lifestyle to extend their happy, healthy years.

While every pet ages differently, a cat is generally considered a senior by the time they are ten years old. Dogs enter their senior years between five and ten years old, with smaller breeds aging more slowly than large dogs.

Over the past forty years, the average life expectancies of cats and dogs have nearly doubled. Pets are living longer due to higher standards in care and nutrition and advancements in veterinary science. It is not unusual for senior cats and dogs to live to celebrate their tenth, fifteenth, and even twentieth birthdays.

To keep middle-aged and senior pets in their best health for as long as possible, proper veterinary care is essential. Annual or twice-yearly wellness visits can catch illness early. Early intervention can be highly beneficial for common conditions seen in senior pets including kidney disease, diabetes, dental disease, and osteoarthritis.

Most cats and dogs will develop osteoarthritis in at least one joint in their lifetime. Pet parents can prevent or slow the progression by giving joint supplements at any age. For pets with osteoarthritis there are many effective pain management options including physical therapy, medications, holistic remedies, laser therapy, and acupuncture, making it possible for cats and dogs to stay active, healthy, and comfortable throughout their senior years.

While nobody likes to think about their pet getting older, the senior years are a truly special time. Cats and dogs become more settled down, more relaxed, and ready to enjoy an even deeper bond with their favorite humans.

PetMeds® is celebrating senior pets by giving away Special Senior Support Prizes Packs containing Vetoquinol Pill Wraps, NaturVet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotic Powder, and HomeoPet Anxiety Relief every Friday in November. Dog prize packs will also include Zesty Paws Senior Advanced 11-in-1 Bites, and Cat prize packs will also include Soft VitaChews for Cats. All pet parents are invited to enter the “Fur-ever Young” giveaway by commenting below

The giveaway runs from November 2, 2022, through November 30, 2022. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) November 2, 2022, to November 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win a cat or dog care pack. One cat and one dog winner will be chosen each week for a total of eight (8) winners.

Win A Special Senior Support Prize Pack From PetMeds®!
Are you celebrating with a senior pet this month? Tell us about your pet below, and you could win a FREE Special Senior Prize Pack from PetMeds®! Two winners will be chosen at random Every Tuesday in November, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of four (8) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

This contest has ended but congrats to our Week 1 Winners Georg Suelzner in Florida and Marlisa Molina, our Week 2 Winners Sama Shuhaibar in Pennsylvania and Sarah Browning in Illinois, Week 3 Winners Patricia McNabb in Washington and Rebecca Bell in Louisiana, and Week 4 Joanna Frank in South Carolina and Joani Taylor in Hawaii. Look out for an email from us!

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  1. Sweet Sydney, we just call him Syd, is a 10 year old chihuahua we adopted from a rescue in April. He was in pretty bad shape, most of his teeth had to be extracted and he has a broken jaw so his tongue hangs out all the time, he only weighed a little over 3 pounds and didn’t have much fur but this little fella stole my heart immediately! He’s in great shape now and he makes me smile and laugh every day, he is such a blessing!

  2. I have two senior basenjis, Sully and Savannah. Sully is names after the pilot that landed his plane in the Hudson River when mechanical problems arose and that was the safest place to land. A movie featuring Tom Hanks as the pilot was made in 2009 and Sully was born in December 2009. He will be 13 soon, but still acts like puppy. Savannah is 10 years old today! Although I have had basenjis since 1985, and always two at a time, these two are the first seniors I have adopted. All my others were puppies or very young dogs when I got them. Savannah came from a home that had a total of 8 basenjis. Sully was an only dog until I adopted him at the age of 11. You would never know they had been raised apart. They are more compatible and affectionate to each other than any of my previous twosomes. Love them to pieces!!!

  3. Annie is an American Pit Bull Terrier. She is nine years old. She was a rescue. She was only four weeks old when someone gave her to a kill shelter. She had three days. A woman from a rescue group pulled her. I adopted Annie when she was four months old. She grew up to be a beautiful loving silly smart family member.

  4. my dog Star is a 13 yr old beautiful yellow pit/cattle dog cross that I pulled from a Texas shelter on her euthanasia day. This was no small feat, as I live on the other side of the country in New Hampshire. But after a week of sleepless nights, being up and online trying to find rescue groups and people to help me get her out of the shelter, I finally was blessed to connect with a couple wonderful women who I only know now via social media, but who forever changed my life a well as Star’s. I picked up Star in September 2016, and just two days later my elderly mother who I care for had a heart attack which required open heart surgery and a lengthy rehab before coming home. I felt bad for Star, as she had just gotten here and I was immediately preoccupied with my mother’s recovery. Once my mother came home, Star became her constant companion,and continues to be so even to this day. They spend much of their day together,sitting on the couch,watching tv and giving each other companionship and comfort. I know very little of Star’s past life in TX, but judging from her wonderful personality, it appears she was once very loved and well cared for. She adores people and has never been a speck of trouble since she arrived. Since I adopted her more or less sight unseen, I am grateful she is the great little dog we immediately fell in love with. Over the years Star has had trouble with some arthritic elbows, as well as having to be treated for lyme disease. She currently receives Cosequin and carprofen to alleviate her aches and pains. I would love to win the senior package for her, to try some new products and see if they can help her keep living her best life.

  5. My 10 year old Boxer/Pit mix is the best. He is so excited to meet people and then settles down so you barely know he’s there. People who are not dog lovers, love my dog and have offered to dog-watch him. The only thing is he takes out all his toys and refuses to put them away:)

  6. Little Dude is a pit mix! He is a goober from the word GO! He is always happy, playful and loves ball and swimming. Dude is 6 years old and is the “jokester” of his daycare. He has many friends at daycare. He has been married twice. Once to Sugar a collie and then to Eevee who is a golden. Both of his loves have either moved away or have a new home and no longer need daycare. But he has a new girl now, a little pocket bully named Lexi. She is very smitten with him. He has a great personality and the patience of a saint. The owner of daycare says if he has a problem dog, he puts him with Dude. He has shown many how to dog and is the best friend I could ever have. I believe that GOD put him in the road, right in front of me, so I could have a friend when my other baby Petunia died. He saved me that day in more ways than one. I will be forever thankful for my Dude, aka Mr. Goobs.

  7. Buddy is a rescue dog.He is approximately 6 years old Pyrenees/Border Collie mix. He loves to walk the boardwalk and will walk the entire length taking approx. 2-3 hours. Then a couple hours later he wants to go walking again. He loves people and food.He is highly energetic,smart and at times stubborn. Unfortunately, he is afraid if someone throws a ball or frisbee, so he doesn’t get to play too much. He is my family, best friend and exercise partner. He is great for my health and keeping me in shape with all the walking we do.

  8. My husband and I have dedicated our love and time to our senior Bullmastiffs in need. We just lost our almost 10 year old boy Thor last month who we spent 2 1/2 beautiful years with. We adopted him with another senior bull mastiff who we still have and turns eight this month, November 20, her name is Bella. We have had six senior Bullmastiffs so far and we couldn’t be more thankful to share the ends of their lives with each and every one giving them all we can and what every dog and animal deserves. We love our seniors!!!

  9. Sadie is a 14-year-old black lab/golden retriever mix. She is absolutely beautiful and good as gold! The only thing she now does that she didn’t used to is when she wants to come up the stairs she barks. She never did bark before we got Mitzi, our pit bull/ lab mix. Mitzi taught her to bark when she found out we didn’t like her (Mitzi’s) barking! So, she taught Sadie to bark! At least she only barks when she wants to come up the stairs! They are both as good as you can get!! Sadie turns 15 on January 1st and Mitzi turns 6 on May 23rd. I’ve got a sign that says, “you can’t by love but you can rescue it”. So true!!

  10. Our dog is not a rescue but he is 14 and a half years old now. We have had him since he was 8 weeks old. He is half pomeranian and half pug. He has been such a great joy to us and we are doing our best to make his senior years as good as they can be. He is mostly blind in one eye and mostly deaf now, but he still enjoys play time (just shorter) and can make his way around the house and yard with no problem. We love our pom/pug and hope to for a while longer.

  11. My baby boy Giannis is not quite a senior yet but the autoimmune diesease he has (impa) causes him to have problems that senior pets have like joint and bone issue. He is such a sweet little guy and I worship the ground he walks on.

  12. Twelve years ago my son brought home Saddle. She is one of the sweetest cats I have ever owned. Her name is saddle because her markings look like a grey saddle on her white fur. I have six cats, but Saddle is my cuddle bug she likes to be as close as she can get to me under my neck in bed. Once she is settled in she sings me to sleep with her purr. I truly don’t know if I will ever easily get to sleep if she beats me to the Rainbow Bridge. three of my other cats are almost as old as Saddle or maybe a little older. I have no way .of knowing how old they really are since they all showed up on my door step regularly after we had gotten Saddle. I love them all, but my cuddle bug is special.

  13. My 15-year-old Jack Russell, Starbuck, is in charge of the house. She lets my new 9-month-old Lab puppy who’s running things. I’ve had her since she was 3 months old and I truly believe that she alerted me that I had ovarian cancer at an early stage by her body language. She eats premium dog food, gets joint tables and endless treats. The vet said her muscles are good, her joints are strong and he’s never seen a dog this old with all of her teeth. She still takes me for a 2-mile walk every morning.

  14. Speed is a rough collie who is now 12 years old. Playing frisbee is her passion. She used to run hard and fly high through the air to make a catch. Very often, she would run out like a wide receiver before the frisbee was even thrown and look back and adjust for the catch with perfect timing. Now, she still enjoys it but she stands very close to us for the toss. She still has surprisingly good reflexes and can still go left or right. Recently, for the first time, we took her for a walk in a stroller. She was accustomed to it and likes it because we have taken her on many long bike rides and then we say she is riding in her chariot. She is sweet as can be, gorgeous ( no bias on my part!) and very smart. My husband says she is an Einstein. Still our happy little girl.

  15. My dog, Daisy, a senior, is so much company! Since my husband died, I would be so lonely without my furbabies. Daisy, and my cat, Reeni, (also a senior), just make my day. I rescued Reeni from the hurricane, Irene, (my neighbors moved away and left her). Hence her name…..using all of the letters in Irene.

  16. Maggie is between 11 and 13.. She adopted us 4.5 years ago.
    She was a shy hesitant yellow lab and ? We nor shelter was sure what other mixture.
    She was in shelter for 4 months before we became her parents. It took them a week to rescue her in the woods.
    She would not stay in same room initially nor go into a car with us. But now has 4 beds , one in each room and likes to go with us on walks.
    She sleeps next to me. And greets me as soon as i stir in morning.
    She has transformed into loving walks , 3 times a day. Because she tires we go for shorter walks. She is so gentle. She loves other dogs

  17. Peanut, Pipsqueak and Coco, all our 9 yr 10 yrs..they have trouble with hair balls, and I want them to be healthy, also stinky breath but vet says their teeth is ok. Would greatly appreciate some help, if I could win a give away.

  18. I have 2 small dogs. Boo is 7yrs old and has lost all her teeth but 3. She was born with sight in only one eye, she is really fast, can’t fool her when playing with her. My other is a terrier – chihuahua mix that came into our yard when she was 2 and stayed a week then left. She came back later, couldn’t touch her so feed her, put a bed with heating pad in it. Husband made a good size house out of big carboard box with window with glass and a door. So she stayed outside for the winter on our deck by our door. When spring came I was out on the lawn and she was looking at me, told her your such a little bit of a dog, so thin, so her name is Little Big. She came running, but she wouldn’t let me touch her. Later I took her to a vet who said someone had beaten her really bad and dumped her off while going down the highway. It took a few years before she would let us pick her up, women she didn’t like. As the years went by she became our loving dog. A uear ago started feeding her vit’s and minerals in a paste and she thinks she is a puppy, playing for the first time, running back and forth in the house. She is now 17 years old and doing just fine. Loves to be loved. The 7 year old takes care of her, watches over her when outside. Wakes her up to go outside, it is so cute to watch.

  19. I have two really special rescued dogs, that I fostered and then adopted. They call that a Foster Failure. I call it a Foster Success! One of my dogs is a young senior now at 9 years old. A little black PomChi I named Poppy! I saved her life on her death day at a High Kill shelter! After having Poppy for 3 months, on her own, she started alerting me for low blood sugar. I was amazed that she could smell my body changes before I knew about it! Since I am a Dog Trainer and I train Service Dogs for other people, I was able to train up Poppy in Public Access, plus obedience and she received her AKC CGC certificate! I take very good care of Poppy’s health and I’m hopeful, that her being a little dog, she will be with me for many more years yet to come.
    My other Rescue is also a Foster Failure and is a Papillon female named Leah! She is approximately 4 years old. I’ve had her for over a year now and I hope she’ll be with me for a very long time!
    I buy Petmeds for their Heartworm medication and for Ticks and Fleas. I also have Petmeds Ear cleaner! I hope my fur babies will win this contest! I want them to be with me a very long time. The best dogs are Rescued!!

  20. My dog is a breeder re-home. She is just becoming a senior but comes from a line that ages fast. She is a rough collie and her name is ” My Smiling Desert Rose. We call her Rosa. I recently found out her back story and it is very sad. She was bought by a lady, as a pup, who soon after had surgery. Instead of contacting the breeder, she gave her to some people who kept her kenneled, let their dog torment her in the crate, and gave her minimal attention and loving care. She was returned to breeder who found me and she has had love and training ever since. She is reactive to things, especially dogs, but she has earned parkour titles and trick titles on line.

  21. We have a four-year-old (almost five) sweet canine boy named Ozzie (Oswald). His middle name is Cumberbatch. We named him after one of our favorite British actors. Ozzie is part labrador retriever, pitbull and Weimaraner. When he’s dirty, he looks grayish. But when he’s freshly bathed, he’s a handsome brown. He is my most faithful companion. I have spent a lot of time at home for 13 years as I was a stay-at-home mom and copy editor contractor until last year. We adopted Ozzie from a foster home after my first faithful sweetheart Igby (a tabby cat) died. Ozzie had pretty bad mange when we met him. But he was still adorable and had blue eyes. When his foster mom told us that she had to take him to meet another family before bringing him to our house, we were afraid that they would keep him. But they must have been put off by the mange. His meds took care of that problem. I regularly brush him, which he loves, and he has a very shiny healthy coat. Ozzie loves to stand near me every time I’m using the cutting board. He likes chopped veggies such as carrots, celery, cucumbers and fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples, pineapples. And he loves cheese. His first and favorite human snack was and is corn tortillas but I more often give him baby carrots or dried sweet potatoes. He doesn’t like it when I spend hours on the computer, not paying attention to him. I don’t like it either because it means I’m working. We love to take him hiking with us but his tendency to bark and growl at other leashed dogs is something we’re still trying to correct. I am very happy that this year, my 11-year-old son and Ozzie have gotten closer.

  22. Hello! I have a beautiful 15 yr old female german shorthaired pointer. Her name is Tana. We rescued Tana at the ripe old age of 12 when she found herself homeless. She is so sweet and still spunky as ever. She is my 12 year old son’s best friend and she still catches an occasional bird that has trespassed in the backyard. We are so lucky to love her!

  23. My senior dogs Oreo (12) and Caramello (15) are great companions to have around the house.
    Oreo is a three legged dog and gets around with no problem, both are loved by family and everyone who visits.
    Both just received good results on their annual checkup. We are a lucky family to have lovable senior pets.

  24. We have two (almost) 14 year old rescues that we cherish beyond words. Hector is a 20# poodle westie (?) mix who we found running scared in our neighborhood in spring 2015. He was filthy, matted, unneutered and had a segment of chewed leash hanging from his collar. After three days at the county and no inquiry from anyone, we happily brought him home. We are convinced that he flew the coop to find us. Our second kiddo is Nadine. She is an 11# long-haired chihuahua/min-poodle mix. Nadine doesn’t shed nor does her air grow and she has a full body hawk (a mohawk from head to tail). She came to us in winter 2015 after being at a rescue for three years undergoing rehabilitation from her former scary life. A tall man definitely did something bad to her in the past as she is terrified of any tall man that reaches down to her. It took her and my (tall) husband about 1.5 years to establish a trusting relationship…and now they are inseparable! And Hector has patiently and gently taught Nadine confidence and given her a big curly back to snuggle into every chance she gets. Currently, Hector is navigating the world without sound and Nadine without sight, but they help each other fill in what the other lacks. To say we are smitten with these two is an understatement. They provide countless hours of smiles and giggles and we couldn’t love them more. And thank goodness for cameras on phones- Hector and Nadine take up a good chunk of our albums 🙂

  25. My Puppy Toby turns 13 on his Feb 1st birthday!!!! I was seeking a rescue for my then 6 5 yr old granddaughter that my husband and I were raising knowing she was going to grow up without siblings and there were few children her age in our neighborhood. He’s been a wonderful addition to our home and lives…. Toby is part Havanese and part Shih Tzu and as smaller dogs tend to live longer than larger dogs we felt this would new a great option for our granddaughter who had already had lots of loss in her life!

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