PetMeds® Celebrates Senior Pets With “Fur-ever Young” Giveaway

PetMeds® is hosting a giveaway through November to celebrate Senior Pet Month and help pet parents adapt to their cat or dog’s changing needs. All pet parents are invited to enter the “Fur-ever Young” giveaway for a chance to win prizes for their cat or dog.

November is Senior Pet Month, dedicated to raising awareness of the perks of adopting a senior cat or dog as well as the importance of proper care and an active lifestyle to extend their happy, healthy years.

While every pet ages differently, a cat is generally considered a senior by the time they are ten years old. Dogs enter their senior years between five and ten years old, with smaller breeds aging more slowly than large dogs.

Over the past forty years, the average life expectancies of cats and dogs have nearly doubled. Pets are living longer due to higher standards in care and nutrition and advancements in veterinary science. It is not unusual for senior cats and dogs to live to celebrate their tenth, fifteenth, and even twentieth birthdays.

To keep middle-aged and senior pets in their best health for as long as possible, proper veterinary care is essential. Annual or twice-yearly wellness visits can catch illness early. Early intervention can be highly beneficial for common conditions seen in senior pets including kidney disease, diabetes, dental disease, and osteoarthritis.

Most cats and dogs will develop osteoarthritis in at least one joint in their lifetime. Pet parents can prevent or slow the progression by giving joint supplements at any age. For pets with osteoarthritis there are many effective pain management options including physical therapy, medications, holistic remedies, laser therapy, and acupuncture, making it possible for cats and dogs to stay active, healthy, and comfortable throughout their senior years.

While nobody likes to think about their pet getting older, the senior years are a truly special time. Cats and dogs become more settled down, more relaxed, and ready to enjoy an even deeper bond with their favorite humans.

PetMeds® is celebrating senior pets by giving away Special Senior Support Prizes Packs containing Vetoquinol Pill Wraps, NaturVet Digestive Enzymes Plus Probiotic Powder, and HomeoPet Anxiety Relief every Friday in November. Dog prize packs will also include Zesty Paws Senior Advanced 11-in-1 Bites, and Cat prize packs will also include Soft VitaChews for Cats. All pet parents are invited to enter the “Fur-ever Young” giveaway by commenting below

The giveaway runs from November 2, 2022, through November 30, 2022. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) November 2, 2022, to November 30, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win a cat or dog care pack. One cat and one dog winner will be chosen each week for a total of eight (8) winners.

Win A Special Senior Support Prize Pack From PetMeds®!
Are you celebrating with a senior pet this month? Tell us about your pet below, and you could win a FREE Special Senior Prize Pack from PetMeds®! Two winners will be chosen at random Every Tuesday in November, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of four (8) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

This contest has ended but congrats to our Week 1 Winners Georg Suelzner in Florida and Marlisa Molina, our Week 2 Winners Sama Shuhaibar in Pennsylvania and Sarah Browning in Illinois, Week 3 Winners Patricia McNabb in Washington and Rebecca Bell in Louisiana, and Week 4 Joanna Frank in South Carolina and Joani Taylor in Hawaii. Look out for an email from us!

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  1. My sweet Gunther is a 13-year-old dachshund who loves to eat, sleep, and be near his humans. We are lucky to have spent 8 years of his life with him, and he brings so much joy to all of the humans he meets! Although he doesn’t get around too well anymore, he still loves to go for “walks” by being pulled in a wagon.

  2. George is 13 years old and this past year has been rough for him. Medically he had a lot of work up to find out why he wasn’t able to keep food down so he’s been burning a hole in my pocket, but I’d do what I can to make him feel better. He’s lost some weight and has developed anxiety over the year and managing it and getting it under control has been challenging. However, he’s still as happy as can be and such a good cuddle buddy!

  3. I have 3 seniors: Babe (maybe 8), Gizmo (13), and Sparkles (soon to be 15). Little seniors have been my weakness with foster failing. Sweet Sparkles is so gentle and a poor little hot mess with heart failure, kidney failure, being blind and deaf, dental issues, and gross anal gland issues. We thought last year would be her last but she keeps persevering and I feel blessed to still have her. Gizmo was the foster that would never leave but it turned out he was home all along. His allergies and behavioral quirks meant necessary vet trips and training but he’s done so great and is always the best greeter for any visitors. Babe is the one that always puts a smile on your face no matter how rough your day has been. She has a silly backward cobra wiggle and is the best snuggler. She does have moderate tracheal collapse so we’re careful about what she wears (i.e. harnesses only, no collars). We also foster with 2 rescues so it can be a full house but these 3 have been wonderful in helping give foster pups a second chance at finding a furever home.

  4. After having lost my adorable Delilah, aka Lucat, this house was just not a home. Having finally worked up the courage to look on line, there he was! So off I went to the shelter to meet my mostly toothless kitty. He has his battle scars and two ribs that were at one time very clearly broken (car??) and his toe beans were rough and flat from being out doors. They said he was geriatric….he is now known as Jerry Patrick. He is an amazingly laid back kitty and a fabulous snuggler, we have great conversations and I already adore him! I keep his belly full, his toe beans are plumping up nicely, and he is thriving….in an old kitty kind of way. 🙂 He shows his appreciation by stretching out on his back on the sofa and snoozing away, sometimes even snoring a little. It fills my heart to see him warm and safe and feeling at home…which it is again since the moment of his arrival. We both lucked out!

  5. My (12 year old) Bella has always started to experience digestive troubles a lot more and so it’s not unusual for her to be constipated or have diarrhea. I think her vet said it’s colitis? So i’m always on the hunt for digestive/probiotic supplements for her since the first two did not work great. She also suffers from separation anxiety, we’ve taken her to training sessions and tried leaving toys and music for her and they seem to work a bit but I’d like to try something new for her as well. Good luck everyone!

  6. JAX came into my life five years ago at the age of three. He was a neglected pooch who spent most of his days in a cage. He had only seen a vet once and only weighed 26 lbs. (to put this in perspective – he now weighs 60 lbs and although he probably could lose ten lbs – he is healthy and happy and is my best friend.) He was quite nervous when I first got him but when he learned he was in his “forever home”, he became the best behaved dog in the world.

  7. Bugsy (my Boston/Pug mix) Pug dad and Boston mom…….I knew them both…..will be celebrating his 14th birthday on
    Nov. 27th. He has been my sidekick, my buddy, my therapy, my daily dose of laughter, and my joy for all of those years
    except the first 12 weeks when his doggie mom was taking care of him. Granted, he HAS GOTTEN on my last nerve on
    occasions, but just as he gave me unconditional love….I returned it, and as soon as he tilted that little Pug head of his
    and looked directly into my eyes with his big black round ‘peepers’….I melted…..and laughed. Now, his hearing is gone,
    and he has cataracts. No vision in one eye, and very limited in the other, but he tries to watch (on the giant screen) the
    dog trainers that he has come to love over the years, and occasionally even tries to interact with them.

  8. Beauregard is a 12 1/2 year old black cat that started out in life under unfortunate conditions. His mother was killed by a car at 2 days of age. He was lucky to have a foster mother for 5 weeks to bottle feed him and prepare his for his permanent home. His mommy and daddy adore him, he rules his house and every wish is our command. At 4 months he ruptured his cruciate ligaments while running and jumping as little kittens do. We discovered a congenital deformity in both back legs and his wonderful surgeon performed the appropriate surgery reforming the groove in the femur and tibia. 6 weeks later he was as good as new.
    Last year he lost a couple pounds so off to the vet to discover he has developed diabetes. Took a while to establish a diet that is healthy and he likes, supplimented with insulin twice a day, and he is back to feeling good and enjoying his loving home.

  9. Our Bailey is a blessing! She’s the prettiest, sweetest Bearded Collie. She’s fun to play hedgehog soccer with and a great walking partner. She only barks at people she doesn’t know who come to our door. Most of all she takes incredible care of my husband! My husband has had multiple surgeries in the last two years. After returning home from his first surgery, she took over. At night she sits beside the bed quietly waiting for him to put his oxygen CPAP on. If he isn’t paying attention, she barks once and waits. After he complies with her request, she goes to bed. If his CPAP comes off or he coughs at night, she barks once to wake us. When he walks with Bailey, she looks back as if to check on him. We had just lost our Wheaton to cancer when Bailey was pushed on us. My heart wasn’t ready for a new dog. Looking back, it’s a blessing my husband insisted we adopt her. She brightens both our lives in so many ways.

  10. Luna is my 13.5 year old Galga (Spanish Greyhound) who I adopted at the age of 6 months. It’s been over 3 years since her surgery for liver, adrenal and gall bladder cancer. With the help of Palladia from PetMeds, she’s going strong! I am so grateful that she is still with me after such a major health crisis. She’s a strong little old lady!

  11. Henry Winston rescued me 10 years ago when he was 4. He had been a stray on Chicago’s south side when he came to me. I was looking for a dog with loving eyes and this little baby came up, looked at me and sat on my feet as if to say “You’re mine!” He was right – I was instantly his. He’s had several health challenges and two surgeries including one that removed his kidney. He now has severe osteoarthritis in his right leg and hip and was recently diagnosed – following a week long hospital stay – with Renal disease. I’m praying I get another year with my baby. At the age of 46, Henry Winston is my only child and I adore him. He taught me the true meaning of love.

  12. I have 2 Jack Russell Terriers, they are brothers, Jojo & Samson. They are 14 and a half years old. They like to sleep & eat and sometimes still go out hunting in backyard 😊

  13. I was sucker punched at work by a mentally ill patient on the locked unit. I stayed home a long time after, not going out even to get food much . A friend’s son came in to live and care for me. The neighbors girl came over one day, and had 2 kittens and said she found them alone in her backyard. I took one..fed her a bottle as she was so young. She’s a long haired Tabby. She had kittens and I kept one. She’s about 10 now… her teeth are bothering her but I can’t afford the dentist. But she’s eating “Temptations” treats she loves and the cat nip you send her in her order of flea medicine. Thank you

  14. Our Harley girl has been with us since 2014 when we rescued her from our local human society with just one day left before she was set to be euthanized. She had a rough start to life, but she’s a tough old gal at approximately 10 years old now with bad knees, bad hips, but lots of personality and love to give. We are cherishing all the time she has left to spend with us.

  15. I got two seniors. Both rescues. One with Addison’s. One who’s been severely neglected and abused her first years. Both want nothing but love. Okay, okay.. and maybe lots of treats. 😉

  16. Why Adopt A Senior Dog
    Why adopt a senior dog?
    I care about the dogs in shelters, but as a senior citizen with a limited income, I find that all I can do, is adopt one senior dog at a time. (I’m on my 4th now) most people seem to adopt puppies or young dogs, leaving the older ones, 7 years and older, to spend their final years alone. Yes, it hurts when their time comes, and they pass away, or they become so ill that they need to be put down. But keep in mind, their last years were filled being loved and truly cared for, giving them the feeling of being wanted, they would never have had otherwise.
    Please help me let other senior citizens know the benefits and joy of adopting a senior dog. Aside from the obvious paper training, chewing on everything and learning proper behavior that comes with puppies and young dogs, that most older people don’t have the patience to deal with.
    But, an older dog has already been trained to some degree, so that leaves the good stuff, like: love and companionship, they give us a reason to get up, to be responsible for their well being, to work out a schedule for walks and feeding, visiting the vet and groomer. Making us feel loved and needed once again.
    They listen to us and never argue, become our own personal trainer (get us off the couch and take them out for a walk, and bend over to pick up after them) co-pilot in the car when out driving, so that when people catch us talking to ourselves and see our dog they figure we are talking to the dog. They are also our security system, they will let you know when someone is at your door, or on your property. And with your dog you’re never alone.
    Not to mention the health benefits they provide us. Better blood pressure, less stress, mental sharpness. And the great feeling of being important again.
    Thank you for listening.
    c. j. martin ©️2014

  17. Otis is a Rat Terrier that rescued us from the pound 13 years ago. He’s a “Mama’s boy”. He loves watching TV and barks at all non-humans. He has Cushings disease which has changed our lives a bit… yet we love him through it.❤️

  18. I have a 14-year-old Yorkshire terrier. His name is Hamster and he is my Fluffer nugget. He was a rescue dog and suffered from luxated patella. After his surgery on both back legs he now walks and runs but sleeps most the time

  19. Otis is a Rat Terrier that rescued us from the pound 13 Years ago. He is a “Mama’s boy”. He loves other animals and tries to squeak the rabbit and bearded dragon. Lol! Otis enjoys watching TV and barks at all non-humans. He has Cushing’s disease which has changed our lives a bit… yet, we love him through it❤️

  20. Mozart, a mixed breed mostly Golden Retriever (with mutt), is over 15 1/2 years old. Having major problems with rear legs with the right one having had surgery over 5 years ago. Having problems with steps and getting up from floors without a rug. Still follows me around and needs to have me fairly near at all times. Still wakes me up to go out for a bio break in the middle of the night when he wants to / needs to. Very affectionate and extremely tolerant with children.

  21. I adopted Banjo when he was 9. We’ve been together 5 years & 2 months since. He’s the greatest blessing my life has ever known. I wish we had his first 9 years together. More than that, I wish dogs had life spans closer to humans. I cannot imagine a day without either of my old men dogs. They are my purpose & drive to be better every day. I have never known a greater live in my life.

  22. My dog Echo is an 11 1/2-year-old Husky who we rescued when she was 3 years old. She loves to run! She just had CCL (knee) surgery this May and can no longer run like she used to, but she loves to go on hikes and walks. She is sweet and loves people, and I’d like to keep her healthy so she can continue to go on walks with us every day.

  23. My girl Mattie Jane will be 12 yrs old on Jan 2. She is a Boxer mix. I adopted her from a rescue in Marietta, GA when she was 10 weeks old. Mattie was diagnosed with arthritis when she was 2 yrs old. She has been on glucosamine since then. Mattie takes pain pills now as needed. She is well loved and has been a great dog and companion. Mattie was raised with a cat and Chihuahuas and has been great with them. Dolly is a Rat Terrier mix found dumped on a country road in June. I adopted her and she has fit in well with our family pack. She takes a daily vitamin and Apoqul. She loves tge electric throw on the couch.

  24. Our Aussie girl Zoe, is almost 12 1/2 and is a wonderful companion. She still wants her daily walks and play time just like she was a younger dog. She definitely has slowed down in the last year which is pretty good for a 50 lb. larger breed. We give her Cosequin twice a day with her meals. She can no longer jump up on the couch or our bed without help but we hope she is with us for as long as possible.

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