PetMeds® to Help Pet Parents Celebrate Fall With “Purr-fect Health and Wellness” Giveaway

With Halloween around the corner, many families are looking forward to enjoying trick-or-treat candy and other seasonal sweets. To help pet parents can safely include cats and dogs in fall festivities, PetMeds® is giving away prize packs every week in October.

For pet parents who love Halloween, it can be a fun day to spend with pets. Friendly, sociable pets can join their families to walk the neighborhood trick-or-treating route or hang out by the door to help greet costumed characters. But with candy bowls and trick-or-treat stashes all around, pet parents should be vigilant to ensure that pets do not sneak a taste.

Sugary sweets can be tempting for dogs because they can taste sweetness. Cats do not have taste receptors for sweetness but may still seek out novel textures. While small amounts of sugar are not normally harmful to pets, over time it can lead to dental disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Pet parents should also be aware of foods that are safe for humans, but toxic to pets. Xylitol, an artificial sweetener used in many sugar-free gummies, chocolates, and lollipops, is toxic to cats and dogs even in small amounts. Chocolate, especially dark varieties, can also cause toxicity. Raisins are a lesser-known toxin that can be found in many candies and baked goods around the holidays.

Pet treats are safe for cats and dogs, but they should be given in moderation, even on special occasions, Limit treats to no more than 10% of your pet’s daily caloric intake to keep their diet in balance and prevent an upset stomach on Halloween night.

Pet parents are invited to enter the “Purr-fect Health and Wellness” Giveaway for a chance to win a prize pack full of healthy treats and wellness items to celebrate Halloween with their cat or dog, by leaving a comment below.

Every Friday in October, one cat and one dog winner will be randomly chosen for a total of eight winners. The cat prize pack will include a pack of Soft VitaChews for Cats, Temptations Jumbo Stuff Tasty Chicken treats, Pet MD Hydrocortisone Spray, and Super Pure Omega 3 Liquid. The dog prize pack will include Super VItachews for Dogs, Disney Table Scraps treats, Pet MD Hydrocortisone Spray, and Super Pure Omega 3 Liquid.

The giveaway runs from October 3, 2022, through October 31, 2022. Everyone who enters from 12:01 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) October 3, 2022, to October 31, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET is eligible to win.

Win A Treats and Wellness Prize Package From PetMeds®!
What healthy treats do your pets enjoy? Let us know below, and you could win a FREE Treats and Wellness Prize Package from PetMeds®! Two winners will be chosen at random Every Friday in October , so everyone who participates has a chance to win! There will be a total of four (8) winners. (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!   

Congrats to our Week 1 Winners Nancy DiSanto in Wisconsin and Ashley Raymond in Indiana, our Week 2 Winners Kristin Garaas Johnson in New York and Essra Mohawk in Tennessee, Week 3 winners Roberta Aguglia in New Jersey and Travis Engle in Georgia, and Week 4 Gregg Barber in Connecticut and Doug Tepper in Arizona. Look out for an email from us! This contest has ended, but make sure to check out our contest for November … and stay fur-ever young!

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  1. Greenie dental treat

  2. Any cat treats

  3. My pups love carrots & broccoli

  4. We adopted Midnight in 2013, the shelter said that he was a year old, but about a month after we adopred him I was readine about Standard Poodles and found that they have allof their teath by seven months. He is a great buddy, He and I have trained and competed in Obedience at the Treasure Coast Kennel Club. Two years after Midnight came into our lives my wife and I began to think that he needed a friend. We adopted Cinderella in July of 2015. She is about six months older. We v=came by her when a rescue took her from a Puppy Mill. At 10 years old she is in beautiful shape has all of her theathand as her name implys is a Princes. I brought a friends dog home when their Cond association would not alow their daughter to keep her dog there over the summer, then the pandemic hit and we keep him longer.When he went off to collage our two developed depression. The Vet. said there isn’t a medication, only a young dog will do, It took us five months to adopt another Poodle this one is a Miniature. so now we have Midnight, Cinderella bothe are AKC CGCC and Novice Obedience competators and Howie 3 years old now working to qualify for AKC CGC. We have been customers of 800PetMeds for about 10 years.

  5. 10 years ago my husband and I rescued our fur baby, Mistiegurl from someone who was neglecting her and really mean to her. Today we are grateful to still have her with us today. She has been through a lot in her many years. We just had to put down her soul mate who has been with us 11 years in May due top Cancer. She has skin issues due to a underactive thyroid. So from Apoquel to synthroid and all her blood test many times a year she has been through it. She is my sidekick, She sleeps along side me and my hubby in our bed. She is our everything. She once was mean now she is the biggest loveable fur baby. She loves kids, especially our 18 month old grandbaby. The grandbaby uses her as a resting stool while watching her cartoons. So sweet, Mistiegurl will just look at me like ok mom I can;t move. lol so funny. She is now starting to limp when she walks. We have to help her on the couch or up the steps to get on the bed. She could really benefit from having some assistance in her senior years. I want her to be comfortable and feel loved. I want to repay her the same as she has done me over the years. I do not know even want to think of these past years without her because they have been so amazing.

  6. Hello
    I have the sweetest companion anyone could want. He found me when he was 6 months young as a rescue. I would often bring in a cat or dog to foster until I found them a forever home. Chester on the other hand stoles our hearts from the beginning and is now 10 years old. He has recently suffered from an autoimmune problem but is doing better with the vet giving him RX’s and products I’ve purchased from Chewy. He has some spunk back and the twinkle in his eyes are returning. He loves treats and to be brushed. He would be joyed to win whatever is in the free give away basket 😀

  7. Hello, I have a 10 year old Chihuahua named Sassy. I would like to receive products to help her in her senior years.

  8. Angel is a 14 yr old long hair female GSD. Cute as can be, yes! She is 14,definitely a senior. Jake her younger counter part is also a long hair male GSD and just turned 4 years old. They are very cute together.

  9. We have two senior dogs. Our Bella and Else are just a blessing to us to be able to enjoy time with them. We are retired seniors ourselves so we have been traveling for the past three years with our pups. They love to ride in the truck and we stop at many different parks throughout our great country for walks. They like the different sites and smells!

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