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Does the thought of giving your pet a bath give you an anxiety attack? Many pets have the same reaction when they face the faucet. Wrestling your pet to stay in the tub long enough for a thorough cleaning can be stressful and even dangerous. Splashing water and slick surfaces can result in injuries to you or your pet. Discover how Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers can help keep your pet safe and secure so you can get through bath time without a mishap.

Pets and household accidents

Many of the same household accidents that humans encounter also threaten our pets. Plus, there are additional threats that our pets are vulnerable to, potentially making the home even more dangerous for them.

Household accidents that threaten people and pets include:

  • Falls
  • Poisoning
  • Choking
  • Fires/smoke inhalation
  • Electrocution

Of course, our pets are even more at risk than we are for all of these unfortunate accidents. Pets have a propensity run up and down stairs and jump on and off furniture and countertops. One misstep and they can fall and get injured. Sprained or broken limbs and internal injuries following a fall may cause your pet a lifetime of troubles.

Pets also are far more likely to accidentally ingest something poisonous (considering they can’t even read the labels!). Even some “people” foods can cause a pet to become ill. A few of the more common household pet poisons include chocolate, prescription medications left out of a medicine cabinet, and cleaning products. See the article Prevent Accidental Pet Poisoning for a comprehensive list of substances that are poisonous to pets.

Of course, pets love to chew on foreign objects, which can result in choking and airway obstruction. It’s not uncommon for them to chew on shoes, remote controls, rugs, or yarn. Bits of these items can be swallowed, causing a choking hazard, or even a bowel obstruction or organ damage.

If there is a fire or smoke in the home, our pets don’t have the ability to put out a flame or cover their heads with a wet towel. Pets often hide when they’re afraid so they can be difficult to find and retrieve from a burning building. Also, their small bodies and limited lung capacity make them less able to handle large amounts of smoke or harmful gasses and chemicals that burning objects release into the air.

The chance of a pet being electrocuted is also high as many have a tendency to chew on electrical cords or rub up against outlets. Metal buckles on collars may also come in contact with frayed wires, resulting in a shock.

Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers help make bath time safer

Buy Rinse Ace Pet Bathing TethersRinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers were designed with water-shy pets in mind. These easy-to-use securable straps help hold your pet in the perfect position to allow you to lather, rinse, and repeat without a struggle.

Easy to put on and take off, the Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers attach to your pet’s collar on one end and to your tub or shower walls at the other end using strong suction cups. To release the suction cups, just pull the built-in release tabs.

The strong nylon straps are easy to adjust to the perfect length, extending from 15″ to 24″, to keep your pet comfortably restrained while you get the job done. Never again will you find yourself chasing your wet pet through the house or fighting not to slide on slippery surfaces while wrestling to keep your pet in place.

Take the trauma out of bath time with the tool professional groomers use for a safe, comfortable bathing experience. Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers are a pet care accessory no pet parent’s home should be without!



Win FREE Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers!

Does your pet need Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers for a faster, safer, calmer bath time? Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Vicki R! Look for an email from us regarding claiming your prize.



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  1. My mom’s beagle Mac goes insane in the bath tub! I would give these to her because it would help her wash him on her own. He is so strong it takes one person to hold him while the other washes!

  2. i have some of these now, not this brand, but they dont stay very well. so i would love to try these b/c my girls try to jump out of the tub. it is hard to hold them and wash them at the same time. my 3 gals hate baths.

  3. Great idea. Would love to try.

  4. My little guy gets a bit frantic when it comes to baths. Would love to try this!

  5. With a pack of 11 furcanines and 5 furfelines these would definately come in handy at my house!!!

  6. Really need one of these – they look awesome!

  7. Charlie is not fond of baths. This would be a good thing to have.

  8. I would to win this and try it out! We have 2 Olde English bulldog pups, and they’re not really used to bath time yet.

  9. My puppies would love this and I think it would help to make bath time easier on all of us!!

  10. I would love to win this my Reggie doesn’t like water at all but he gets so stinky maybe these will help thanks for the chance and good luck everyone

  11. Looks GREAT! I’m not sure Daisy would love it as much as I do but I would love to have one!

  12. We have one dog that loves the bath but the big dog is a nightmare at bath time. He hides, runs, cries and everything else dramatic you can think of. Once he is finally in the tub, his only focus is to escape!

  13. This would make bath time much easier!

  14. This would be so perfect for me! I have a tub with sliding doors so it’s difficult to bathe my Corgi. He always goes as far back as possible and this would keep him right where I need him. Fingers and paws crossed!

  15. I would gift this to my neighbor as my dog is small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink and hers is large and unruly in the tub

  16. Angela Morton-DeascentisApril 13, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    I am handicapped and a mom to 4 pitbulls. They weigh in between 75-100 pounds & these would make giving them a bath SO MUCH EASIER! I can’t bathe them now & my husband has to do it All! This would give me the opportunity to help him out with the dogs ALOT more often!!!

  17. I would love to try this, My dog starts acting up when the bath water runs,and then he’s a nervous,shaking mess the whole time he’s being bathed,It makes me dread putting him through it but I know it’s necessary.

  18. With the big dog that I have, it would be great to try. He’s always trying to run away before I even turn the water on.

  19. This would be super handy! It is spring bath time now!

  20. My dog needs this bad always wanting to move not stay still

  21. Anything to make bath time easier would be wonderful!!! My Baby Poochin Hates her bath 🙁

  22. WOW – just think of the time saved, as well as the mop-up effort saved.

  23. This would be a win win for my baby girl They Anne……she is getting older & bath time is a tremendous feat……..this would help keep her steadied. So sure would be a good thing! Thanks!

  24. I have 4 furrbabies. This,would help me me out so much!

  25. This will be perfect for my Australian Shepherd. I hope I’m lucky to win for my Pooch. Ty appreciate 🌟😇

  26. Tiffany WhittingtonApril 13, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    I would love to use this because I have a hard time giving my dog a bath. He wants to move around so much.

  27. My beagle likes to climb out of the tub at bath time. Have to give her a bath about once a month cause she likes to roll around in stinky stuff

  28. Taylor SommerfeldtApril 13, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    My dog, Riley, hides under the bed when it’s bath time! This would be perfect for him, especially since he gets so many baths since he has skin issues!!

  29. We have 4 cats and we could really use one of these when fle bathing the little ones. Two of our cats are real wiggle worms when getting their cleanings anf this tether would solve that delimia.

  30. this would be awesome. right now it takes two of us to bath one dog!

  31. This would make bath time so much easier with my two big water-shy dogs.

  32. My dog needs this

  33. We have two Pugs and neither is fond of getting a bath. Would this work with a Pug? Worth having, if so. Thanks for the chance.

  34. of my 6 rescue dogs, 3 have issues with bath time, it always takes two people, one to secure the dog so he or she doesn’t jump out and hide, and the other to wash & rinse. These would be a great assistant to help me with the bath time project. Thank you for a chance to win.

  35. Oh my God could we use one. Our little Min Pin Riley is a jumper at bath time. You just can’t keep him in the tub ! LOL.

  36. Would love to have this for my 2 girls who hate bath time.

  37. These tethers would be a great item to help me out when I was the dogs in the tub. I am always keeping a hand on the collar when I was Summer, so she won’t decide she’s done before she is. Also Jackpot has never had a bath and he might not like the idea of standing in the tub

  38. We need this!! Especially with summer coming up and more trips to the doggy beach!

  39. I’m a new dog groomer and really could use this

  40. These would be wonderful for me. I could take them with me to the Animal Humane Society when we bathe dozens of dogs and puppies from out of state transports. The dogs are already quite anxious and/or nervous so they can stay still as we talk to them and calm them down so they can get a really good bath! 😊

  41. Jennifer ThimeschApril 13, 2017 at 2:38 pm

    I’ve never heard of these, but really need them. We have four dog, but only one has a hard time, a really hard time bathing. She’s a doll though. Gotta love her

  42. Would love to have these for our rescue!!

  43. I would loke to try this with our lab quorra she is too fond of baths, our other pup flynn stands like a statue in the tub lol

  44. Great idea? Annie’s mom and dad will love it (and stay dry) lol

  45. My blind and disabled rescues would appreciate this so much.

  46. both of my babies could use this-they REALLY don’t like water.

  47. This would be so very helpful with my over-sized dog!

  48. Murphy hates bath time, so anything that may help I’m willing to give a try.

  49. This would make bathing-at-home so much easier (and safer). I could use this.

  50. This is EXACTLY what I need!

  51. None of my babies like the water. This would be very helpful.

  52. Would love this for my 3 rescues who are hard to keep in the bath. This would make it much easier on me.

  53. It sounds like this would make bath time less stressful for all of us.

  54. Wow, this is perfect for a 77 year old, with very recent total hip replacement, with restricted mobility. I have a low threshold door for my shower, a side seat, free handheld sprayer. Now you have given me a super way to tether Clyde, my Beloved Pug. I’ve had horses and we cross-tied them so why not one for aqua phobiac? Dogs. Maybe bath time in pleasant temperature water and me being seated actually enjoying this time, will make it good for Clyde.👍🏻👍🏻🐶

  55. I travel with my dogs so a easier way to bathe them would be amazing. I set up the guest bath for pet baths in my home-long shower sprawer nozel attachment. Hotels force me to pick up my dogs for a complete bath. A 85lb muscle man lab & my new pup (still growing staffie) 60lbs last weigh in. I should mention i weigh 105lbs @ 5’4″. My lab loves a bath but my staffie only tolerates it. Yet both love the water, the mud & to hike & make messes. My SUV is nothing but a pet taxie it seems & im happy with that since both are rescues.
    Guess i need to incorportate another item into their luggage-yes they have luggage-they have special needs.

  56. I’m 77 years old recently recovering from total hip replacement. My Beloved Pug, Clyde really needs a bath! He is a little Aqua phobiac. I have a low threshold shower, handheld sprayer and seat for me. I have mobility restrictions. This theater unit is super and I want one now! But winning would be great! We cross-tied our horses and that worked really well, so dogs should be a snap! Winning would make this old gals and her Pug Happy Campers and clean ones 👍🏻🐶🐾😀

  57. They would come in handy with my two little dogs, plus they would get bathed more often!

  58. We are all dog crazy in my family. When one of us gets something that works we ALL get it! Would love to see if these indeed could make bathing our pups an easier experience. Wrestling dogs in the bath is not very fun. And as often as they get bathed you’d think the water was going to make them melt!

  59. This would definitely be useful when I give our dog Bailey a bath!

  60. Boy, would that come in handy when it’s time to give the girls a bath. They both hate water and as soon as the water starts in the tub they try and hide under anything they can find. Which is really funny, because only their heads will fit and their rear ends are sticking up. Easy to spot. This way I can reach for the dog soap or whatever without worrying they will jump out of the tub and get the whole house wet.

  61. Wow this would giving my 60lbs Betty dog a bath.

  62. I love not having to chase my little gal around the tub, this sounds like the answer

  63. Trying to bathe either my Goldendoodle or my lab is like the keystone cops! These would be a blessing for the bath and after letting the water out it would really help to dry them off. I could get lots of water off before they shake and soak my whole
    entire bathroom.

  64. My pug, is very anxious in any situation where he feels unsafe. I have almost hurt him because he travels, twisting and turning while in the tub and I have to keep turning him. It is SO frustrating and because I am on disability for my back, it kills me. Seems like a wonderful idea, I still wonder if he could pull it loose??

  65. Yes please!

  66. This device would be amazing to have to use with our german shepherd to give her a bath every week or 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we live beside 2 families that do NOT take care of their dogs, and we don’t want our dog to catch anything that these dogs have. Plus my husband and I have disabilities that make it virtually impossible to give her a bath without us ending up with body aches and pains.. With her hip problems we have to be very careful in giving her a bath and a brush up without her hurting afterwards. We would do just about anything to give her a bath in comfort and awesome hygiene., I pray that we win this great device to use on her.. Thank you! and God bless. you and your family.

  67. This would be a wonderful help at bathtime.

  68. this looks like a great thing to have for any pet parent to use.

  69. I would love this my dog jumped out the tub all the time and afraid she’s going to hurt her self

  70. I need this badly. My dog Silas fights us every time we give him a bath. Its like trying to wash a baby whale. He loves water, but that is part of the problem, he thinks its play time and but he wants to spray us instead of us spraying him. Anything that would help calm him during this task would be a blessing. By the time we do get him bathed me and my husband and the bathroom walls have taken a beaten. So I hope I win..thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Our 95lb doggie is terrified of baths. I think this product would work wonders. He calms down once he’s in the bath, but this might help even more. Would love to win this!

  72. Would love to win this for my fur babies. Thanks for the chance!

  73. our day hates baths, this would come in handy to keep him still.

  74. my English Bully Babies need this would be a great win for them !

  75. I could really use this item for my dog when I give him a bath..My dog doesn’t like taking a bath in the tub and your item would really help me & my dog out a lot….lm always afraid something is going to happen to him (my dog) that is when I bath him cause he jumps all over the place in the tub…So yes I cloud really use this item…Thank- You….

  76. This would really come in handy with 3 dogs that are 35lbs to 75. It would help me since I have a very bad back & leg problems.

  77. These sound wonderful! My aching back will thank you very much if we win!!

  78. It looks great would keep him from jumping out

  79. My dogs don’t like to stand still when getting their bath

  80. This would bre great really need to be able to use both my hands when bathing my dogs.

  81. It will so much easier to bathe my dog. She tries to get out of the tub. Thank you for making such an amazing product..

  82. It will so much easier to bathe my dog. She tries to get out of the tub. Thank you for making such an amazing product..I would love to win it..

  83. great idea can use this

  84. I could really use this for my Three fur babies😌

  85. Yes my dog needs this……he will fight to jump out of the tub & splash water everywhere.

  86. This would be great for my Jack Rustle he is all over the tub when I bath him!

  87. we have 2 dogs and 2 cats and the dogs love it when they get bathed.

  88. Would love I have a big dog and I would be able to give her a bath!!

  89. Great idea i would like one of these!

  90. Would be great for my wiggly pug!

  91. Yes, Yes I need this!! My Dog won’t go near anything that she thinks is going to give her a bath. but she likes to go out in the rain!

  92. Tired of taking my Beagle/Cocker Spaniel to the park to bathe. If I win this I could do it in my home. This would be WONDERFUL!

  93. I need this my dog doesn’t like to stay in the tub for a bath

  94. We have one Pomeranian who is a challenge at bathing. These tethers would certainly help her.

  95. This would be great! We have 4 rescue dogs and bathing would be so much easier!

  96. When Buddy see’s me preparing for his bath, he runs the other way, this win will definitely solve the problem

  97. Wow! This would be perfect for my Peeps.

  98. Love this!

  99. 🐾💖

  100. This would help keep my dog still when I give him a bath.

  101. I have 2 chaweenie sisters they will be 3 in oct. I have a bad back and I have a difficult time bathing them I think this would be very helpful. By the way my dogs are Preshus which is my baby and Tryxee which is dad’s baby. I must say they are really both mine but don’t tell their dad that.

  102. I have 2 chaweenie sisters they will be 3 in oct. I have a bad back and it makes it difficult bathing them. My girls names are Preshus which is my baby and Tryxee which is dad’s baby. I must say Tryxee is also my baby but don’t tell her dad that.

  103. My pup fights me bath time. She is even slicker when she is wet

  104. This seems like it would help out a lot.

  105. Do these work for cats, or is there a cat version?

  106. It would be wonderful in bathing Oreo. It might keep him calmer. It will also keep him from hurting himself by jumping out.

  107. I would love to try this item,IHave 3 dogs giving them a bath is an all day job!this might make it easy

  108. This be absolutely useful,my dog has luxvating patellas and she’s constantly trying to jump out the tub making it really hard for me because I worry she gonna get really hurt

  109. Wow! As a pet care provider this would sure come in handy! Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Thethers… ❤️❤️❤️!

  110. I have 2 dogs…3. My granddaughter is staying with me with her Jack Russel/chiuaha mix!! My 2 (boxer, and…something little mixed)…love baths!!!…But Not MaryJane!!!…might be perfect for her!!!

  111. Our Princess LilyBelle will NOT hold still. She is a very active Chinese Crested Powder Puff. She has a mind of her own and although she is fascinated by the tub when it’s not full, she is a wriggle worm when it is. This would help bath time be so much more pleasant for her and for me!

  112. This would most definitely come in use with my four 🐶 they are always trying to run when I bathe them. All I have to say is “bath” and they take off running

  113. This would help my Abigail she’s a hyper one, doesn’t sit still for long, be nice

  114. Yes I have 3 chihuahuas that do not like bath time that would really get use of this ty for the chance 👍🏽

  115. This would be great! I could bathe my black lab instead of pricey groomers!

  116. I could really use this! I have several dogs to bath!🐕

  117. With 7 dogs this would speed things up for sure.

  118. Thanks for the chance to win!! We have a very uncooperative bather.

  119. yes! please…………. 🙂

  120. My dog Buddy would really benefit from winning because he has really bad anxiety He has bad allergies and needs bathing with s special shampoo and I think this could really help

  121. My 4 babies would have a much calmer bath time with Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers.. I would love to win one. Thanks for the opportunity…

  122. I think these bathing tethers could make it much easier to give my pets a bath

  123. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great item.

  124. I think this would really come in handy with our Corgis! One is easy to bathe, but the other is a bit of a booger.

  125. Great idea! Could ready use this product.

  126. Very helpful tool,love to try this.

  127. Looks like a great product. Our dogs don’t cooperate very well.

  128. I have to chase both my girls all over the tub at bath time. They panic and end up catching their nails in the drain holes. Not pretty.

  129. What a useful product! Sure would keep her from trying to huddle.

  130. This will help with our boy Bailey he is not happy with his baths.

  131. With 4 dogs of all sizes plus my friends dogs this would really help me out. Right now we are using a traffic lead but they still pull out.

  132. Would love to win this, it is a work out for me every time I give my fur baby a bath. I could use this one! Brilliant idea.

  133. My dog Ginny is a rescue. Not sure what happened to her on the streets but she is terrified of water. She is so scared when it comes to bath time that she refuses to go in the bathroom. She weighs 40 lbs which isn’t much compared to other breeds but I have a lower back injury. Having to work so hard to keep her in the tub has been wreaking havoc on my already painful back. I can’t afford to keep taking her to the groomers so this product would be immensely beneficial not only for my sweet Ginny but also by bad back.

  134. we usually feed my shetie, axl, Milkbones that fall in the water and get soggy

  135. I won’t have to take my fur baby to the park for bathing anymore, if I win this. God Bless!

  136. My poor dog, Waffle, just stands there and shakes…Always has. I know she hates it, but she needs it…Wish she just knew it was for her own good 🙁

  137. Looks like great product. Would be VERY HELPFUL.

  138. Would love for my two dogs!

  139. Would love to have this!

  140. I would use this for my two dogs! They go wild during bath time so this would help out.

  141. this is a great prize something for our fury friends

  142. Gypsy is a german shepard who thinks she is being mistreated if she gets wet. This looks like the perfect answer.

  143. This would be great for my bath hating pup. It’s always a chore just getting her in the tub. Keeping her in there can be just as big a chore. But when we’re done, she is one happy girl, just to get out and run !

  144. Thank you for the chance

  145. Would love to try this on our miniature poodle boys. Thank you.

  146. Great idea, I would like to win

  147. We would love to use the Rinse Ace Bath Tethers. Our dog leaps out of the tub like a deer during bath time! Our current foster dog is just a puppy and could use the support as well. Thanks for the opportunity

  148. We would love to use the Rinse Ace Bath Tethers. Our dog leaps out of the tub like a deer during bath time! Our current foster dog is just a puppy and could use the support as well. Thanks for the opportunity

  149. I know a pug that can make great use of those tethers! He’s lovable but a terror at bath time! Thank you!

  150. I could use this product for my chocolate lab/mastiff mix who is huge and at my age is a handful in the tub! He loves the outside rivers and ponds but fights being cleaned up afterwards in the bathtub!

  151. My tiny puppy is such a “wiggle worm” in the tub! These tethers are such a great idea for the safety and ease of owner and their pets at bath time!!! Thank-you!

  152. I would love having this for my Pom, Annie. She gets very nervous when I bath her and trys to climb out of the bathtub. Of course she slips every time.

  153. I’d love to win this. Thanks

  154. I would love to win would rally make bath time easy i have a 5 month of Dachshund and she dont like baths too well lol

  155. I think it would be awesome to keep your puppy facing One Direction instead of spinning I’d love to give it a try

  156. yes please, make it easier for us both!

  157. This bathing tether looks awesome! My back and neck hurt whenever I bend over in the shower to bathe my dogs. This would keep the dog right where I need him to be!

  158. Taking my Sophie to groomer got ay too expensive as I am a senior citizen on limited income, so being able to safely bathe her at home would be a blessing.

  159. This would make bathing my dogs so much easier for them and for me. They are always trying to climb out and slip while doing it.

  160. It is hard to keep my dog in the tub during bath time. This product looks great!

  161. This would be great! My dog is so afraid to get a bath. I massage the shampoo through his hair so he gets the spa treatment. It helps him relax.

  162. This would be a blessing for me.

  163. This would be the Answer to my Prayers. My English Bulldogs is allergic to her own fur. So she hates taking baths. Always gotta fight me on it. Please let me win. And thank you for the chance to win!

  164. would love to win this

  165. bonnie would love this

  166. I could definitely use this for my pup, Belle who is a rat terrier mix and terrified of water. It’s hard to hold her and bathe her at the same time.

  167. My Jasper has allergies and using the special shampoo with more frequent baths would make his bathtime more enjoyable for him .We both would benefit from this.

  168. Could really use this for my babies, who are scared of baths.

  169. I have two dogs who don’t mind walking in the rain but hate baths. These bathing tethers would make baths easier and more frequent. Plus I would not end looking as if I was the one who had the bath.

  170. I would love to try this for my big dogs. Bathing hurts my back as I try to keep them from jumping out of the bathtub.

  171. I think that is the coolest item I have seen in a long time…..

  172. This would be perfect for my doggies that are less than thrilled with bath time. This would make it so much easier! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  173. this is an amazing product perfect for my two dogs

  174. Jill Horton-MillerApril 15, 2017 at 9:04 pm

    Bathing one dog is a chore. Bathing two is work. Bathing three is almost impossible. Number 1, who is the easiest to bathe (hence she is number one) comes out of the tub and into the crate for drying a few feet from the tub. While number 2 is supposed to be in the starting blocks, number 1 is trying to distract number 2 so number 2 will run and evade capture. Once number 2 is caught and washed, number 1 comes out of the crate and into the rear of the bathroom. Number 3 is in the starting blocks and is the WORST in the tub. She stretches those Shih Tzu legs and arches her back and climbs up your arm, all while number one is trying to comfort number two in the drying crate. Once number 3 gets out of the tub and into the crate, the other two are demanding treats for their trouble. By the way,… these are my husband’s dogs, but I love them to pieces (don’t tell him).

  175. Germaine HarrisonApril 15, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I have two shih tzu dogs that never sit still and it would help bath time greatly. I wounder if I could use it to get them to hold still when I brush and clip them also.

  176. Zack wears an electric collar- these would definitely help when it’s time for his neck hair trimming. Having a 90 lb spaz that hates the razor is not fun for his pet parents- it usually takes three of us to get the job done and we all need first aid at the end!

  177. These are the bomb! They look like they will work to keep my dog still where I want her while bathing. Whoever thought of these is a Genious.

  178. This would be awesome for our little Pixie.

  179. Thank you for making easy to keep clean the puppy in service training

  180. I think the Tether is a great idea for pet baths. I like ordering my pet’s meds from 1-800-PET-MEDS.

  181. Oh this is exactly what I need for keeping Jezebell safe in the tub!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this prize!!

  182. I have 2 chocolate labs that are a handful when it comes to bathing! This would be so helpful to have!

  183. I wonder how this is anchored. My walkin shower is where I bathe my Jack Russell…or on my porch. She hates standing in water, so I usually stand her beside the container of warm water!

  184. My dirty dogs would benefit from this!

  185. This would come in handy with my big dog.

  186. I have four big dogs this I could use thank you

  187. Maybe I could keep my big girl in the bathtub. Lol

  188. My Henry would love this at bath time

  189. I would love to win one of these.

  190. It couldn’t hurt.

  191. Rebecca Kerchner-LoveApril 16, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    I have a very big Lab/Mastiff mix that does not like baths and these would be a life saver.. Meaning my life…She almost drown me once.

  192. These would be great for our dog. He loves to wiggle all over and is hard to get in one place!

  193. I need this so very badly!! I have 3 outdoor 😺😸😼 and sometimes they get into some pretty stinky “stuff”!!! LOL Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome product ❣️

  194. My dog runs away and hide at bath time I have to get him when he is sleepy to take a bath lol

  195. Patricia LamontagneApril 16, 2017 at 9:36 pm

    I definitely need a tether for my Australian Cattle Dog named Blueberry. Thanks for the chance.

  196. I definitely need these. I have 4 dogs and none of them like to get a bath so I usually end up just as soaked as them. Lol

  197. have 3 dogs bathing time is hectic could really use this . would be more enjoyable for all

  198. I definitely need this. I have3 dogs who don’t enjoy bath time so I end up wetter than they are.

  199. While Brady only weighs 14 pounds, he is a slippery little devil when wet and soapy. This would be worth its weight in gold!

  200. I have a Sheltie and he does not like the bath so this would help a lot.

  201. I’ve had my pug jump out of the tub and run around the house with soap. This would definitely prevent this from happening.

  202. Yes I have 2 pugs that are Houdini’s! This is awesome and I wish I had them earlier….Thanks for a pet lovers giveaway!

  203. I have 2 large dogs and I find it very hard to give them baths and they are continually getting into the mud outside and love rolling in it. they are like Peppa Pig they love jumping in muddy puddles.

  204. I have 2 large dogs that I find difficult giving a bath, they love to roll in the mud outside when it rains they are like Peppa Pig they love jumping in muddy puddles. I definitely need one of these.

  205. This would be a life saver! Pepsi hates baths and I basically have to get in the tub too to bathe him.

  206. This tether would be great for our 4 pups! Each one is skittish in the tub–and the shaking…..its people shower time as well!
    Tether me up!

  207. My dog is only about 60 lbs but he is built like a quarterback. This product would definitely help with bath time, which is frequent in the warm months because of playing so much outdoors, and fleas.

  208. These would great because I have 8 dogs that I bathe and none of them like to get baths. My wife also foster other dogs till they are adopted.

  209. Christina RadcliffApril 17, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    I would Love to win this for our Copper! Thank you so much for the chance!

  210. Would be great for my Dane!!

  211. My eyes literally lit up when I saw this product.
    I dread giving Martini a bath. After I finally get her in the tub, she covers in a corner. I practically have to drag her near the faucet. I’m really looking forward to buying this ingenious contraption!

  212. My eyes literally lit up when I saw this product.
    I dread giving Martini a bath. After I finally get her in the tub, she covers in a corner. I practically have to drag her near the faucet. I’m really looking forward to getting this ingenious contraption even if I don’t win!

  213. Are these strong enough for a very high-energy pooch such as my lab-pit? I usually bathe him at the beach or outside when it is hot.

  214. This would help so much with my 2! They absolutely hate the bath!

  215. Great idea!

  216. This would be awesome for my boo boy who absolutely HATES getting a bath and at times I hate doing it because it’s such a struggle. Whoever invented this MY MAN !! lol

  217. This would be an awesome win!

  218. I would love to win this. My dog Louie freaks out everytime water turns on. So with this bathtime would be easier.

  219. I have 2 dogs, an asian shepherd and a long hair chihuahua. I am not sure which one is worse to bath. I sure could use Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers.

  220. I have 2 dogs, I am not sure which one is worse to bath. I sure could use Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers.

  221. Our little guy hates bath time! He hides under the bed as soon as he hears the water running, lol! This would be awesome!! Thanks so much!!

  222. I have a 15 yr old stubborn pug that i really could use this for. Im afraid hes gonna hurt himself sometimes.

  223. This is incredible, I wish I had know of these sooner.

  224. It would make bathing the dogs so much easier and both of us would be less stressed.

  225. Yes would love this for my shitzu named Elsa (my 3 year old named her 🙂 lol)

  226. My dog hates to be bathed, in the shower, tub, or outside with a hose. the minute you get him clean he rolls in the nastiest, smelliest stuff he can find!

  227. Woof a dub dub…

  228. Samantha AdelspergerApril 18, 2017 at 10:22 pm

    Mama dog hates a bath and gets so scared she freaks. Rinse would be amazing

  229. I have two furbabies weighing about 15 lbs each. One is very hard to get into the tub. He hides and fights to try to get out. A quick way to get him rinsed and out quickly would be a blessing to both of us. I do believe I get just as wet as he does when he gets his bath. My other furbaby just sits there. Although if I turn my head she is out. lol. Thanks for this great opportunity. Good luck all.

  230. This would make bath time for all my furbabies much better, we only have 7 . <3

  231. Oh this would make bathing my pup so much easier

  232. This would be a huge help with my 2dogs that hate bath time! Such a great product! Thank you for the chance!!

  233. I have 4 dogs who hate bath time. This would hopefully help out and make it ALOT easier maybe then I wouldn’t get as wet as they do lol.

  234. My dogs would love this! Plus, it would give my back a little break! Haha!


  236. Could use

  237. I need a new faucet in my bathroom as mine doesn’t work at all thank for the entries

  238. Totally wrote last comment on wrong blog lol I have a very large Husky who hates baths and needs these

  239. Wow. I have 5 fur babies. This would be amazing. Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to everyone.

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