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Does the thought of giving your pet a bath give you an anxiety attack? Many pets have the same reaction when they face the faucet. Wrestling your pet to stay in the tub long enough for a thorough cleaning can be stressful and even dangerous. Splashing water and slick surfaces can result in injuries to you or your pet. Discover how Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers can help keep your pet safe and secure so you can get through bath time without a mishap.

Pets and household accidents

Many of the same household accidents that humans encounter also threaten our pets. Plus, there are additional threats that our pets are vulnerable to, potentially making the home even more dangerous for them.

Household accidents that threaten people and pets include:

  • Falls
  • Poisoning
  • Choking
  • Fires/smoke inhalation
  • Electrocution

Of course, our pets are even more at risk than we are for all of these unfortunate accidents. Pets have a propensity run up and down stairs and jump on and off furniture and countertops. One misstep and they can fall and get injured. Sprained or broken limbs and internal injuries following a fall may cause your pet a lifetime of troubles.

Pets also are far more likely to accidentally ingest something poisonous (considering they can’t even read the labels!). Even some “people” foods can cause a pet to become ill. A few of the more common household pet poisons include chocolate, prescription medications left out of a medicine cabinet, and cleaning products. See the article Prevent Accidental Pet Poisoning for a comprehensive list of substances that are poisonous to pets.

Of course, pets love to chew on foreign objects, which can result in choking and airway obstruction. It’s not uncommon for them to chew on shoes, remote controls, rugs, or yarn. Bits of these items can be swallowed, causing a choking hazard, or even a bowel obstruction or organ damage.

If there is a fire or smoke in the home, our pets don’t have the ability to put out a flame or cover their heads with a wet towel. Pets often hide when they’re afraid so they can be difficult to find and retrieve from a burning building. Also, their small bodies and limited lung capacity make them less able to handle large amounts of smoke or harmful gasses and chemicals that burning objects release into the air.

The chance of a pet being electrocuted is also high as many have a tendency to chew on electrical cords or rub up against outlets. Metal buckles on collars may also come in contact with frayed wires, resulting in a shock.

Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers help make bath time safer

Buy Rinse Ace Pet Bathing TethersRinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers were designed with water-shy pets in mind. These easy-to-use securable straps help hold your pet in the perfect position to allow you to lather, rinse, and repeat without a struggle.

Easy to put on and take off, the Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers attach to your pet’s collar on one end and to your tub or shower walls at the other end using strong suction cups. To release the suction cups, just pull the built-in release tabs.

The strong nylon straps are easy to adjust to the perfect length, extending from 15″ to 24″, to keep your pet comfortably restrained while you get the job done. Never again will you find yourself chasing your wet pet through the house or fighting not to slide on slippery surfaces while wrestling to keep your pet in place.

Take the trauma out of bath time with the tool professional groomers use for a safe, comfortable bathing experience. Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers are a pet care accessory no pet parent’s home should be without!



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  1. I definitely need this. I have3 dogs who don’t enjoy bath time so I end up wetter than they are.

  2. While Brady only weighs 14 pounds, he is a slippery little devil when wet and soapy. This would be worth its weight in gold!

  3. I have a Sheltie and he does not like the bath so this would help a lot.

  4. I’ve had my pug jump out of the tub and run around the house with soap. This would definitely prevent this from happening.

  5. Yes I have 2 pugs that are Houdini’s! This is awesome and I wish I had them earlier….Thanks for a pet lovers giveaway!

  6. I have 2 large dogs and I find it very hard to give them baths and they are continually getting into the mud outside and love rolling in it. they are like Peppa Pig they love jumping in muddy puddles.

  7. I have 2 large dogs that I find difficult giving a bath, they love to roll in the mud outside when it rains they are like Peppa Pig they love jumping in muddy puddles. I definitely need one of these.

  8. This would be a life saver! Pepsi hates baths and I basically have to get in the tub too to bathe him.

  9. This tether would be great for our 4 pups! Each one is skittish in the tub–and the shaking…..its people shower time as well!
    Tether me up!

  10. My dog is only about 60 lbs but he is built like a quarterback. This product would definitely help with bath time, which is frequent in the warm months because of playing so much outdoors, and fleas.

  11. These would great because I have 8 dogs that I bathe and none of them like to get baths. My wife also foster other dogs till they are adopted.

  12. Christina RadcliffApril 17, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    I would Love to win this for our Copper! Thank you so much for the chance!

  13. Would be great for my Dane!!

  14. My eyes literally lit up when I saw this product.
    I dread giving Martini a bath. After I finally get her in the tub, she covers in a corner. I practically have to drag her near the faucet. I’m really looking forward to buying this ingenious contraption!

  15. My eyes literally lit up when I saw this product.
    I dread giving Martini a bath. After I finally get her in the tub, she covers in a corner. I practically have to drag her near the faucet. I’m really looking forward to getting this ingenious contraption even if I don’t win!

  16. Are these strong enough for a very high-energy pooch such as my lab-pit? I usually bathe him at the beach or outside when it is hot.

  17. This would help so much with my 2! They absolutely hate the bath!

  18. Great idea!

  19. This would be awesome for my boo boy who absolutely HATES getting a bath and at times I hate doing it because it’s such a struggle. Whoever invented this MY MAN !! lol

  20. This would be an awesome win!

  21. I would love to win this. My dog Louie freaks out everytime water turns on. So with this bathtime would be easier.

  22. I have 2 dogs, an asian shepherd and a long hair chihuahua. I am not sure which one is worse to bath. I sure could use Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers.

  23. I have 2 dogs, I am not sure which one is worse to bath. I sure could use Rinse Ace Pet Bathing Tethers.

  24. Our little guy hates bath time! He hides under the bed as soon as he hears the water running, lol! This would be awesome!! Thanks so much!!

  25. I have a 15 yr old stubborn pug that i really could use this for. Im afraid hes gonna hurt himself sometimes.

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