2013-2014 National Pet Owners Survey Results

Dogs are the most popular pet with cats in second place

We Americans love our pets. The American Pet Products Association has released their latest report on pet ownership in the United States. Pet ownership is on the rise and nearly 7 in every 10 households includes a pet. This growing number means more people can be tapping into the health benefits humans can get from sharing their lives with a pet.

Here are some of the latest statistics about pet ownership from the new survey:

  • Dogs are the most common pet

–        About 47 percent of people have a dog

–        Nearly 57 million households in the US include a dog

  • Cats are the second most common pet

–        About 37 percent of people have a cat

–        Over 45 million households are shared with a cat

  • 29 percent of people have both a dog and a cat
  • 14 percent have fish
  • 6 percent have a bird
  • 6 percent have a small animal or reptile
  • 2 percent have a horse

The survey also looked at pet expenses. Here are some of the results:

  • Typical yearly food costs were $239 for dogs and $203 for cats
  • Average costs for boarding were $327 for dogs and $337 for cats
  • Dog owners spend about twice as much on beds, toys, treats, grooming, leashes, and so forth compared with cat owners

New research continues to support the health benefits to humans from sharing their lives with a pet:

If you have a pet, congratulations on tapping into this important resource for better health!

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