How to create a home emergency kit for your pets

The time to put together a pet emergency kit is before you need it! Remember, you can only work with what you have, but what are you supposed to be doing to prepare?

Have a home emergency preparedness kit! This can be one of those 55 gallon drums or a couple of plastic crates (especially the kind with wheels) so you could roll it to your vehicle if need be.

Once you have established a home version you could then create a “grab and go” style. Sometimes that is the type of vest a dog can wear with enough product for only a day or two.

There are wearable emergency kits with several days of supplies.

Your home emergency preparedness kit should contain:

1.   A two week supply of food for each pet stored in airtight containers. This should be rotated at least twice a year to ensure it is fresh, and also maintains that the food your pet is now eating is in their emergency kit. During a stressful situation is no time to add a change of food routine to your pets’ regimen. Remember a manual can opener if you feed canned food.

2.   A two week supply of water for each pet (count on 1 gallon per pet, per day).  Do not store this in direct sunlight to prevent algae growth and do not store plastic containers directly on concrete as they will start to leach chemicals. This also should be rotated, or you can purchase a water purifier chemical.

3.   A two week supply of any medications taken by your animals.  Remember to change out regularly so that you don’t have expired medications and to update when a pet goes on a new medication.

4.   A waterproof container or a plastic bag you could store inside a small dog or cat crate. Place inside each of the follow items:

  • Each of your pet’s vaccination records
  • Photos of your pet with your family as proof of ownership.
  • Medical and microchip records
  • Leash, harness and crate or carrier for each pet
  • A pet first-aid kit with a particulate mask and muzzle
  • Pet’s favorite treats, chew toys, bedding, food & water dishes
  • Litter, scoop & box for kitties
  • Cash

Supplies you should include in an emergency kit.

For more information on emergency preparedness, please visit the Emma Zen Foundation website.

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  1. please send information on cats and dogs.

  2. Martha Biesel, thank you for being interested in preparing a kit for your animal! The list above IS for cats and dogs. If you have any other questions please ask. 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for this information! We WILL be using this!

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