Take A Drink For Good Health

If you live in my neighborhood, you’re bound to put my street on your walking route to take advantage of the water dish I keep out front for thirsty dogs. During a particularly hot stretch of summer a couple years ago, a Dachshund-owning neighbor noticed lots of panting dogs walking by her house and put out a water dish for neighborhood dogs to use during their walks. My dogs were among the first to take advantage of this oasis and I made a new friend when my dogs and I would stop for them to get a drink and I took the time to introduce myself and find out my neighbor’s name, etc.

Staying well-hydrated is important for you and your dog

Soon, I added a water dish and sign at my house that reads, “Fresh water for thirsty dogs. Enjoy a drink!”. Like a bird bath attracts lovely birds, I’ve attracted wonderful dogs to my dish. A few months ago, family moved into the neighborhood with a majestic Irish Wolfhound that I’ve been dying to meet. A couple weeks ago, I saw this Wolfhound and her owner making a beeline for my water dish. When I went out for oohs, ahhs, and some ear scratches, the lady told me her mother insisted she had to add my street to her daily walks because of the water dish.

Staying hydrated is important for you and for your pup. In addition to making sure Fido’s getting enough water on these hot summer days, don’t forget to also take a drink yourself. The Journal of Sports Sciences presented a study investigating how well people hydrate before exercise by monitoring people at a fitness center that included free access to water. Here’s what they found:

  • Almost two in every five people were dehydrated before they started exercising.
  • People got more dehydrated as they exercised. People lost an average of 800 mL of water during their exercise session, but only drank 400 mL
  • Those people who were under-hydrated before starting their exercise had a negative emotional change after exercising that was not seen in people who were well hydrated

This study showed that people are often poorly hydrated, forget to drink enough when exercising, and that getting dehydrated will make exercising seem more miserable.

So before going out for your daily doggie walks, get Fido a drink and make sure you have a full glass of cool water, too. Check out places along the way to get a drink or bring along water for you and Fido. And when you get home, refill Fido’s bowl with fresh water and be sure to drink a glass of water yourself. You and Fido will feel better and be more excited about heading out for your next walk, romp in the woods, or ball toss in the backyard.

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