Want A Personality Test? Look At Your Dog

A good personality test for yourself may be right at the end of the leash in your hand

They say you pick your dog to match your own personality and as a terrier owner, I’m forced to agree. While my fun-loving friends are drawn to Labs and Golden Retrievers, stubborn me finds terriers irresistible.  Science now proves a good personality test for yourself may be right at the end of the leash in your hand.

Researchers from Bath Spa University in England surveyed 1000 dog owners. Survey results were presented at the British Psychological Society meeting earlier this year. Researchers found that personality traits in dog owners often clustered around certain breeds of dogs:

If you are… You probably own a …
Open and imaginative Toy dog, like a Chihuahua
Friendly and outgoing German Shepherd, Collie, or Bulldog
Agreeable and sympathetic Retriever or other hunting dog or a toy dog
Calm and stable Beagles, Afghan, or another hound
Conscientious and self-disciplined Hunting dog, toy dogs, or Bulldog

Terrier owners – like me – tend to cross some of the personality lines. (So typical of a terrier to be a bit more challenging.)  Terrier owners tend to be open and agreeable. Owners of working dogs, like Dobermans, were also open and agreeable.

So the next time you visit the dog park or you meet a new neighbor, you can do a quick personality screen just by checking out the pooch at the end of her leash. And when you want someone to liven up your party, invite a German Shepherd’s owner. If you want someone to check out a new art exhibit, call the lady with the Pomeranian. And if  you need someone’s listening ear, ask for the friend with the Lab. So what does your dog say about you?

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