When to use limited ingredient diets on pets.

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  1. My two dogs would love to have a spring smelling and tidy cleanup

  2. My dog would love to have those products used on him.

  3. My dog, LUCKY, would just love to win this
    With the exception of the mail clippers
    But we all know how that goes.

    I think your company is great. I use you all the time for my dogs needs and find you to be reasonably priced and always available

  4. Leo or whitey would love this.I also would love it with the warm weather on its way.We would have fun on the weekends.

  5. Hank and Jake can use a bath after hunting all winter

  6. Due to Pongo’s propensity for biting and clawing himself, he has forced to live with a backward e-collar (cone of shame). Although winning this item would be awesome, I will still order it regardless. Absolutely worth a shot. Many thanks

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