Leo and his chip

One of my greatest fears concerning Leo, other than losing him, is him getting lost or taken. One of the first questions I had asked the vet during Leo’s first vet visit was when we should put a microchip in his back. A few weeks later, during another vaccination-filled vet visit, our vet inserted a microchip in between Leo’s shoulders. Leo also wears his collar at all times (not in the crate or when he’s home alone), and it has his id tags as well as a tag that has his microchip id on it. It’s good to know that if something were to ever happen, there’s a good chance I would be able to find Leo.

Leo’s id tags contain our numbers, of course so if someone found him they could call us, but if his collar somehow fell off, his microchip could be scanned and our information would pop up.

While I don’t think Leo would run away, I am afraid of him taking off and getting lost. He is leashed at all times because he likes to chase ducks, squirrels, or anything that catches his interest. I’m not sure why, but he also has an affinity for moving vehicles (anyone else have this problem??).  When we’re at the park, I make sure to watch Leo like a hawk, partly to make sure he’s playing nice with other dogs, but also to make sure he doesn’t run off with someone else or run through the gate when someone is coming in.

Maybe one day Leo will walk at my side like a perfectly trained dog, and I won’t ever have to worry about him taking off. Fingers crossed!

Heads up! Anytime is a great time to chip your pet, but since this month is Chip your pet Month, it’s the perfect time to get your pet chipped!

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  1. Every year I have it checked by the vet at the annual visit. One year we discovered one of the dog’s chips had migrated to her chest area.

    Many places will not do a through job when wanding for a chip. They only run the wand on their shoulder area.

    Yes, we re-chipped her & both chips were registered…😊

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