Leo Begs

I hate to admit it, but it’s kind of cute. I’m biased of course because I think most things Leo does is cute. Not only does Leo beg for food he also begs for attention. Neither are subtle. Then again, Leo was never good at being subtle.

He’s pretty obvious when he wants the food in your hands. He sits down like the good boy he pretends to be and will patiently wait, hoping something will fall.  I’m usually the one who gives in and will slip him a piece of cheese when Erich isn’t looking. So far Leo likes pretty much anything except carrots. I gave him a carrot once and instead of eating it, he tore it to tiny pieces all over the carpet. It was not fun cleaning that one up.

When Leo is begging for his dinner, he can be pretty sly. He gets fed twice a day; at 7 in the morning and at 7 in the evening. As soon as the clock turns 7, Leo somehow knows and will stand in front of me, pant, and stare deeply into my soul probably screaming the word “food” in his mind. Luckily he doesn’t whine, or do anything destructive, he just gives me a “friendly reminder” that it’s time to make food appear in his bowl. It took me a while to figure out what he was doing, but as soon as I did and followed Leo’s instructions, it was his green light to do it whenever he wants food. Oops.

As for attention, Leo just can’t get enough, on his terms. When he wants to play or to be pet, Leo has no problem becoming the lapdog he thinks he is. He does this thing where he jumps next to one of us and will immediately turn and put his butt in our face so we can scratch his back. He’s also really good at just being in the way if we’re doing chores during the time at which Leo decides it’s “give Leo attention” time.

When I said Leo just can’t get enough attention on his terms, I meant it. If Leo is being lazy, chewing on his bone, or just tired, he’s only half interested in getting attention. It takes a lot of encouragement to get Leo to come to us sometimes. Maybe he’s part cat or was a cat in his past life?

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  1. i think all pets want attention constantly. my girls are like this as well. they want me to hold them when i am on the pc, constantly rub and pet them at nite in bed. they climb on me in bed to get more rubs and kisses. and yes, they beg for food when i am eating. they just sit there and stare at me to make me feel guilty even though they had just had their dinner. of course i do share what i can with them. in fact, i just spent close to $70 on one of their favorite treats, mine too. they love the Bare Apple freeze dried treats. i do too, they are healthy as well. they were on sale buy 1, get 1 free, so i brought 2 cases. spoiled? yes! i think Leo may learn to like carrots better if you steam them. they are better for them this way as well. if you give them raw carrots, you will see undigested raw carrots in their poop. i just read an article abt animals being able to tell time. dogs were included. i know my first mini schnauzer, Rose, knew exactly what time my Dad was supped to be home from work. she would wait at the door for him. if he did not show up soon, my mother would let her out, to search the parking lot of the townhouse development to see if she saw his car. when she did not, she would come back to the house and wait at the door for him. they had done a study with mice as well. i was living in N. Va then, when i would come home, i would arrive late on Friday nite. i would look up at the window to my mother’s bedroom, Rose was waiting for me, she ran to the front door to greet me. it is funny how they know the sound of your car, color, etc. i know they know my car because when i have a rental car, they think it is a stranger driving up. dogs are so smart. Leo has those cute expressive eyes that say, please, mom/dad.

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