Leo Chews

Leo has some massive chompers inside his mouth and he sure knows how to use them! When he was a puppy we always had to make sure Leo had something to chew on or else he would resort to the furniture. Most of our furniture survived except the corners of the TV console and a side table.

We thought the KONG classic would’ve been perfect for Leo, but he was only really interested in it when I put peanut butter or the KONG Easy treat in it. He also wasn’t a fan of any Nyla bone toys. He would always fall back things he wasn’t supposed to chew on.

Once after a vet visit, our vet gave Leo a C.E.T. HEXtra Premium chew and he loved it, so we stuck with that for a while until Leo would go through 1 chew within 10 minutes. That was when we knew we had a serious chewer on our hands. We then moved on to bully sticks. He absolutely loves those, even though they are very stinky. However, he started going through these very quickly as well and it was getting pretty costly.

Now, Leo doesn’t chew anything he’s not supposed to (except Dad’s dirty socks), but he still loves to chew, so we try to keep him satisfied with appropriate chews. A while ago, our vet recommended we get an elk antler for Leo and he loves it! Even though they are pretty pricey, they are worth every penny! The elk antlers actually last a few months as opposed to the 10-15 minutes it takes Leo to get through a bully stick.

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  1. i used to buy these in small for my girls. my vet said they are too tough for my little gals now. please be careful abt the antlers. my reg vet said when these came out at christmas a few yrs ago, she had tons of message from people because their dogs had cracked a tooth. i was just at a dog show recently and the ems said his german shepherd cracked his back tooth in half. my dental vet says no bones, nothing that you cant make a dent in it with your fingernail, no raw bones, some bully sticks are very hard as well, no tennis balls b/c chewing on these wears down the enamel. ok to play with but take away after playtime.

  2. Please do NOT give antlers to Leo! We bought elk antlers for our dog Mister when he was a 1.5 year old puppy. He broke a fourth pre-molar which is a major chewing tooth so shouldn’t be pulled especially at his young age. Fortunately we found a veterinary dentist who was able to save the tooth by installing a crown on it, but it cost $1000s of dollars to repair it. Also glad Mister did not need a root canal on that tooth. This was because we though the antlers were good for him since they were natural. The dentist said “if you can pound a nail with it, it is too hard for a dog to chew on”. Please give Leo some softer items like ropes, Wubbas, squeaker mats, & other soft yet firm toys. You don’t want to wind up paying the costs of tooth repair…believe me!!

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