Leo Digs

One of Leo’s greatest pastimes, besides eating and chasing ducks, is digging. He didn’t really care much for digging as a puppy, but in the recent months, he’s taken to loving the feel of dirt flying backward through his hind legs. While we don’t have a backyard just yet, I still am hoping he grows out of this digging phase so when we do have a backyard, Leo won’t make a mess.   

In Leo’s defense, I haven’t done a good job of teaching him not to dig. He takes my reaction as attention and turns it into a game. It usually starts with me telling him “no” or “leave it” and when he doesn’t listen I walk towards him in an attempt to pull him away from the hole, which starts the game and then Leo starts running in figure eights. It’s a fun game for him because 1. I can’t catch him if I tried and 2. He gets to pop in and dig some more before running away again.

Since we don’t have a backyard, Leo doesn’t actually dig that often. He also isn’t one to start a hole. He just likes to help out on an already dug up hole, which means the whole bottom half of his body gets covered in dirt. The only chance he gets to dig is when we are at the park and there aren’t any dogs to play with. He also loves digging in the sand at the beach, especially when there’s dried up seaweed to play with!

If you have any tips discouraging digging, I’m all ears. Any suggestion is better than how I’ve handled it so far!

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  1. I sure feel your dilemma, I too have an almost one year old and she is digging AND chewing my yard up like no other! Give her diversions with a mix of toys and she still gets board. I was beside myself and grabbed my Cayenne Pepper to a hole she went to town on. I generously applied the pepper in the hole. When I disappeared from her site, she went to the hole and became subdued. Now that seems to have stopped her digging but now she is chewing up my plants. I haven’t decided if I should apply the pepper to my plants but might have to try it.

  2. unfortunately most dogs love to dig. my oldest is a mini schnauzer and she loves to dig. they say find a specific place in your yard, which you do not have and let them dig. i think it is hard to break most dogs of digging, instinct. maybe there is a place at the dog park where you can let Leo dig. my late schnauzer loved to dig, i would plant and she would dig up what i planted. lost lots of new plants and seedlings. she was also good at finding moles and voles. she would actually stand on 2 feet perfectly still, to see when they moved and pounce and dig. she caught quite a few, but i took them away as soon as she got them and threw them in the woods. .

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