Leo Eats Everything

In Leo’s mind, and I’m assuming most dog’s minds, everything on the ground is fair game. If food is ever dropped to the ground, it’s a race between Leo and I. I hate to admit that I don’t always win that race. Sometimes he’s super stealthy (or I’m just super slow) and snags whatever it is before I can even glance down. Licking his lips is the only evidence of the crime. This was a behavior that I was fully expecting when raising a puppy.

What I wasn’t expecting was for him to literally pick up everything in his path. On walks, I spend about 80% of the time fishing leaves, sticks, and more out of Leo’s mouth. We’ve been working on the “leave it” command, which works sometimes, but if there’s an especially juicy stick or the wind catches a leaf just right, there’s no stopping Leo. Luckily for me and Leo’s health, he’s too slow for those little Florida lizards that are always hopping around everywhere. I thought this was a behavior he would get over as he got older, but no, he’s still going strong. As a result, I’ve developed this very effective finger-hooking action to get stuff out of his mouth without pushing it further into his mouth.

The silver lining of Leo’s appetite is that it’s very easy to give him any medications. He happily takes down his Interceptor Plus and NexGard chewables every month.

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  2. We have a big German Shepherd dog , that is not permitted on the furniture. His hair migrates to the furniture anyway. My father in law has been ill and can no longer take care of his little dog who does jump and play on furniture. We will be his family now, so we will need a couch protector to prevent furniture/sofa damage.

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