Leo Found His Voice

In recent weeks, Leo has become much more vocal than he used to be. Not only is he barking more, but he is also making all kinds of noises. He even howled for the first time! Thankfully, he isn’t barking incessantly. Now that we are home all the time, Leo spends a lot of time sitting by the sliding doors watching what’s going on outside. If someone or something he doesn’t like walks by he lets out a couple of strong huffs. If he really doesn’t like what is going on, he’ll let out a short bark or two. When someone is dropping off a package or knocking on the door he’ll let out a few barks until we get up to see who it is. Luckily the barking hasn’t interrupted a home conference call for either of us. He must know when noise is or isn’t allowed.

In addition to the barking, Leo makes a variety of noises that more often than not make us crack up because they are so perfectly timed and reflect his colorful personality. One of our favorites is when it’s time to go outside. The second one of us grabs his leash, he will immediately dip into a downward dog yoga position, almost like he’s stretching and preparing for his walk. Along with the stretch he will let out the longest, most exasperating sounding groan, probably letting us know that he has been waiting for this moment all his life. This happens every single time we are taking him out.

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  1. Leo is such a good boy!

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