Leo Gets a Manicure

Up until this week, trimming Leo’s nails has been somewhat of a nightmare. It was a two-person job that required Leo being held by one of us and plenty of treats. Leo’s nails are clear which makes it easier to see the quick (the blood vessels in the nail), and I bought one of those nail trimmers that has a quick finder sensor in it so I’m sure I wasn’t hurting him. I think he just didn’t like the unfamiliar feeling of getting his nails cut or being held down. To be honest, I wouldn’t either.

This week, I was determined to cut Leo’s nails by myself. I’ve had enough of the struggle. I grabbed the treat bag and nail trimmers and sat on the ground with Leo and made him sit. I gave him a treat and then grabbed his paw and gave him another treat. Then I grabbed his paw and put the nail clippers next to his nail then gave him another treat. He pulled his paw away at first and also tried to nibble on my hand, but I took it away and gave him another treat. I grabbed his paw again, cut one nail, dropped his paw, and gave him another treat. By this point, he got the gist of the “game” and allowed me to cut each nail as long as I gave him a treat after each cut.

I have no idea why or when Leo decided that he would now tolerate getting his nails cut. I was afraid I was going to have to take him to the groomers for a nail trimming every two weeks, but I think we’ve officially overcome this challenge and won’t need to.

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  1. Leo is a cutie who looks calm and loving. I’m sure he enjoyed getting his nails cut as well as the treats. He’s smart and has nice short nails!

  2. I love all of Leo’s Adventures!

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