Leo Gets a Roommate

Over the past week, we have been dog-sitting Leo’s favorite doggy-friend, Oscar, and he has some very mixed feelings about it. Leo and Oscar have come a long way (see here and here) and now they get along really well and love to play with each other. When they are together, it’s usually due to us visiting Oscar’s home and staying for a weekend. This week, it’s just us and Leo in our home with our furry (and very polite) guest, Oscar.

As soon as I got home with Oscar last weekend, Leo was ecstatic and they played tug-of-war and romped around until they were both exhausted. They are both such happy dogs and so alike in many ways but very different as well. One major similarity that is the most entertaining is that they both get jealous very easily. It’s a win-win for all parties involved because when you call one of them, both of them come and they both get attention. Truly, the only thing better than one dog is two dogs! One of the major differences between Oscar and Leo is that Oscar is much more affectionate and cuddly than Leo. Leo will sit or sleep with us for a short time, but he’ll jump off the bed or couch within 20 minutes and relax on the floor. Oscar stays in bed the whole night and is always nearby.

Having both of them is a great time. They walk well together for the most part. However, if they catch scents in opposite directions things can get pretty tangled for all three of us. It’s much more enjoyable when there’s 1 person per dog. Unfortunately, Oscar goes home in a few days and I’m sure Leo will be missing him, but I’m also sure he’ll be happy to have all the attention to himself again.

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  1. Just love Leo & Oscar, such beautiful retrievers, they are such sweet dogs, great pets❣️

  2. i bet those 2 had a blast and i bet your home was a mess with those 2. i am surprised they did not break anything with those wagging tails, running around. i also bet you had double the hair to vac. they look so cute together. Best Friends.

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