Leo Gets Boarded

Even though Leo comes with us almost everywhere we go in a normal week, he, unfortunately, has to stay behind when we take a weekend trip somewhere that is not dog-friendly or requires an airplane ride to get there.

The first weekend trip we took without Leo was when he was about 5 months old. Since we didn’t have anyone close to ask to take care of him, we did our research on where to board him. We looked at our vet, a handful of pet boarding facilities, and private home care provided through mobile apps. We decided to leave Leo with a verified pet sitter I had met through an app. Even though he didn’t know what was going on, Leo seemed excited to be dropped off to play with his new friend. Over the weekend I was happy to receive updates and pictures of Leo. When I came back to pick him up, he seemed fine and was happy to come home with me. The next morning, however, Leo was not doing well. He was sneezing, had eye discharge, and wasn’t feeling well. We immediately took him to the vet and he had contracted an infection. Luckily, he was perfectly fine a week later after a round of antibiotics.

After our first experience boarding Leo, we were very weary about what we could do when we took trips. There was a pet’s hotel near us that we decided to try because the facility looked very clean, they required vaccinations, and we did our puppy training in the same location. We didn’t get picture updates when we were gone, but when we picked Leo up he was a very happy and healthy pup. We’ve been taking Leo to the same place since then and we’re happy we don’t have to worry about Leo too much when we take a weekend trip. He’s always been happy to walk in, so happy that he drags us to the check-in counter and doesn’t even glance back at us after being handed over to an employee.

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  1. Boarding can be very scary. And expensive. I was fortunate, my vet actually owed a kennel, his brother ran it.

    Not sure what I’d do today so I’m glad you found a place you are happy with.

    Leo is soooo cute…lol

  2. so glad the last place was good. i never have boarded any of my dogs. i really dont travel unless it is really necessary because i dont like to leave my girls at home. the youngest is very attached to me, she is my shadow, right now she is lying on my feet. i have had friends come in and take care of the girls when i am gone. it may have been more expensive, i dont know, but since i dont do some of the vaccines, most places wont take my dogs, even for grooming, which i have been doing for years myself. my vet now has a kennel, with runways at her new place. so that maybe a thought for me in the future. i bet Leo was soooo glad to you both of you!

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