Leo Goes Fishing

A couple weekends ago, Leo joined us while fishing off the dock and he loved every second of it, except for the dock itself. It was Leo’s first time on a dock and he was very unsteady at first. He was walking around with his legs spread wide as if he was walking on ice.

After he realized he wouldn’t fall through the cracks, he was overjoyed to be near the water. He spent a lot of time looking over the edge, probably building up the courage to jump in. I have no doubt that if I threw a ball into the water, he would’ve jumped in right after it. Watching Leo’s fascination of the dock and the water made fishing much more eventful.

Leo was also very interested in trying to eat the bait, so we had to make sure to keep him away from the bait and hooks. We also had to make sure to grab onto him when casting the line because a twinkle in his eye told me he wanted to go after that bait for himself.

Leo’s favorite part about fishing was, of course, the fish! As soon as we caught one and started reeling it in, Leo would jump up and look in the water for what was coming. As soon as we got the fish out Leo was front and center trying to sniff the fish, which made taking it off the hook much more difficult because the fish wouldn’t stop moving. We didn’t let him get close to the fish because we didn’t want him to get hurt, so he wasn’t happy about it. He also wasn’t happy that we threw the fish back in the water, but he was a good boy and didn’t jump in after it.

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  1. that is so cute of Leo, looks like he is trying to catch the rain. i am surprised you could keep him out of the water. i would be worried abt him getting caught in a hook or line. so glad he did so well. he has been having lots of adventures lately.

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