Leo goes out on the town

I am definitely one of those dog moms that bring their dog everywhere. I know I’ve mentioned before how little time Leo spends at home alone because he’s at work with me during the day. Well, he also tags along with us almost everywhere we go all the time. Leo is always willing to jump in the car because he knows we’re going somewhere fun, whether it’s the dog park, work, the beach, a restaurant, or even just a new place to walk around.

Lucky for us, Florida is a very dog-friendly state, so we’re always bringing Leo with us to dinner or fests. Since he was a puppy we were bringing him with us to restaurants, partly because we wanted to but also to make sure he was well-socialized. It was hard at first because Leo wouldn’t sit still (understandable for a puppy), and he would pull at the leash to try and get to whatever was distracting him. We started giving him chew toys while we sat down so he would be occupied. Now, he usually sits or lies down and somewhat patiently awaits his attention. Sometimes he’ll try and pull away if there’s another dog nearby, but for the most part, Leo is the best boy, and I love to have him around.

One of the reasons Leo loves going out to restaurants is because of all the attention he gets (surprise, surprise). So many people, including waiters and waitresses, other restaurant patrons, and people walking by, will stop to say hi and pet Leo. He probably gets so many visitors because he will stare people down and wag his tail as an invitation so he can get all the pets. He also loves it because a lot of places have a “doggy” menu, and I can’t pass that up so he sometimes gets a doggy biscuit or slice of bacon for being a good boy.

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  1. Hi! I love reading about Leo!!! Always a cheerful story, thank you so much….Monica and fur friend Sadie 😊😍😊

  2. i know i could not resist that beautiful boy with the great smile. so nice that you have so many dog friendly places to take him. i know he would rather be with you than sitting at home waiting for you to come home.

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