Leo Goes to the Dog Park

The dog park. The park filled with dogs. The greatest place on Earth (for a dog lover AKA me). Since I’ve never had a dog before, I never had a reason to go to a dog park, which is what made going to the dog park one of the most highly anticipated events in mine and Leo’s life. We, of course, waited until Leo turned 4 months and had received all of his puppy shots to take him. This past Saturday, we got the OK from Leo’s vet and drove straight there.

Hint: it was awesome!

Leo had a blast. Having just weighed in at 35 lbs, Leo was already too big for the small dog area of the park, so he got to play with the big boys in the large dog area of the park. As soon as we got inside the gates and unleashed Leo, he became the star of the show. All of the dogs came over to meet Leo and it quickly turned into a running, romping play time. Leo even made friends with a 6-month-old German Shepherd. They didn’t leave each other’s side until Leo tired out and the other puppy got bored.

Leo lasted a good 20 minutes until his puppy batteries ran out and he decided that digging and lying in the cool mud was more fun. We were definitely not prepared for the aftermath of the dog park. Leo was a mess after the digging and even after a hose down, he was still dirty. I sacrificed my clothing so the upholstery in Erich’s car could live to see another day.

For the rest of the day, Leo was a sleepy, yet happy pup. The very next day, we went back to the dog park and had an equally fun time. We’re definitely going to try to make this a daily occurrence, especially since we don’t have a yard for Leo to run around freely.

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