Leo is back at work

After a couple months staying home, Leo is back in the office! Coincidentally, just in time for Take Your Dog To Work Day. Since Leo’s new normal routine was staying home, I thought getting back into the “going to work” routine would be an adjustment for him. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Leo quite enthusiastically jumped right into the car the first morning we started going back in. To my entertainment, he even followed his work morning routine like the 2-month hiatus didn’t even happen. He pottied in the same spot, did his normal little dance with the doors and the reflection of light, and then went straight to his toy stash and began his day.

The one thing that Leo wasn’t prepared for was people wearing masks. Since Leo didn’t leave home or the outside area around it, he didn’t see or interact with anyone wearing a mask. He wasn’t startled when I put mine on in the office, but when other people were walking by wearing a mask he immediately started barking at them until he realized who it was.  After a few days in the office, Leo stopped being startled by the masks and has accepted them as normal now, so he doesn’t bark anymore. Now, when someone walks by carrying a big box, that’s a different story. In Leo’s eyes, anyone carrying a large box down the hallway is the enemy.

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  1. I have been worried about Leo. So glad he is back at work with you. Love reading about his escapades!!!

  2. so glad Leo is back at work and around people and other dogs. i know it was very hard for him. i think many dogs will be scared of people wearing masks, it is hard to read their faces and get a good sense of the person. just read where a golden just had her 20th birthday. Leo is such a cutie with loads of personality. hope everyone is safe. i know Fl is having lots of cases of the virus. on the rise.

  3. Tina BindschatelJune 26, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    Aww, so glad Leo is back to work and back to his old routine! I love hearing about his life and his shenanigans!

  4. I’m sure work is so much better with Leo there. LOL Glad he is back to hanging out with all his buddies at the office!

  5. If a dog can accept masks as the new normal, maybe there is hope for people too???

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