Leo is on Santa’s List

Leo’s first Christmas is just a few days away, and while he has definitely had his naughty moments since we brought him home, I’ve decided that he is officially on the Nice list.

Leo has his good days and he also has his terror days. One of his favorite things to do is to steal dirty socks or kitchen towels and run. He also still enjoys a good chew session on the carpet, no matter how many times I douse it with bitter spray. Recently Leo has gone to a few day camps during the day and he has yet to have a day where he wasn’t put in time out more than 3 times.

Despite all of that, Leo has been such a good boy. While he still pulls, he’s much better on leash than he was 2 months ago. He hasn’t had a potty accident since September, and he is much less mouthy than he used to be. I bet in a years’ time, he’ll be a perfectly behaved dog and will definitely be on the Nice list.

Because Leo is a good boy and a very spoiled pup, he’ll be getting all the presents! For Christmas, Leo will be getting a laser pointer, a beef pizzle stick, an elk antler, Christmas toys, and a few bags of treats. We opened the laser pointer early because I was SO excited and Leo loves it!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all from Leo and me!

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  1. I love these stories about Leo! I also live in south florida so merry christmas to a neighbor…lol

    Just remember, next time he chews something up or misbehaves, do the following: roll up a newspaper, hit yourself in the head & say ‘bad human’…lol

    Having fostered many puppies, I learned the hard way, puppies shoud be in a crate, on a leash/tether next to you, in your sight, or in the backyard with you watching.

    It gets better, really…lololol

  2. Leo will definitely get better as he gets older. Our four year old rescue terrier mix Mister still steals kitchen towels, but gives them up readily for a treat. He too licked several divots in our carpet even with the bitter apple spray. What is with that carpet licking thing anyway? Please, please do NOT give Leo any antlers. We gave Mister elk antlers also & ended up with a $3000 vet dentist bill after he broke his fourth premolar. The vet dentist said “if it is hard enough to pound a nail with, your dog should not be chewing on it”. Since that is a major chewing tooth & he was so young at the time, he had a crown installed. Let Leo chew on ropes instead until he is out of the teething stage. Sounds like Leo will have a wonderful 1st Christmas. Merry Christmas to you both!

  3. how cute is Leo, i loved the way he tore up the wrapper to get to his new toy. with all the good and bad, you always have to remember he is just a puppy with lots of energy. i do agree with the antlers. i go to a dental specialist who is 90 miles away. he said if you cant put a dent in it with your nail, then it is too hard for your dog’s teeth. he said no pull toys because you are pulling the teeth, which will loosen them. he is excellent. he started the dental program at the ncsu vet school. i totally agree with Casey. my girls have had root planing, gum graphs, fillings, etc. i cant wait to see the pictures of Leo with all of his toys. have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Lacie is a year old. Vet said she needs joint supplements because of her knees popping out. She is a 7 pound maltese. Her brother Bo is 5 years old and may need it also. He is a border collie and weighs 50 pounds.

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