Leo is Spoiled

Leo is REALLY spoiled. It’s a running joke that Leo has one of the best life’s a dog could have, but doesn’t everyone say that about their pup? He may not get all the treats he wants (he’s already 93 lbs, he doesn’t need any extra treats), but he sure does have all the toys and all the attention!

Throughout Leo’s life so far, he has yet to spend a full (work) day home alone. When he was younger and I couldn’t trust him to behave while in meetings, I would take him home or pick him up at lunch time. As he grew out of that, he’s since come to work with me every day unless a doctor’s appointment kept me from staying in the office all day. On days when he can’t come to work with me, Erich will take him to his office or we will drop Leo off at daycare so he can play with other dogs all day long.

Because Leo doesn’t spend all of his time in one place, he has 3x the amount of toys than he normally would if he didn’t leave the house. At both of our offices, Leo has a little basket of his favorite toys that he likes to play with daily. At home he has a large basket that he absolutely loves to empty out each evening (especially right after I’ve picked them all up). If anyone has any tips on training Leo to pick up his own toys, I’m all ears!

Even with all the toys, Leo still loves to get his attention. Unless Leo is sleeping, he’s searching for some scratches or wants to play the “look at this toy I brought you. No touch. Only look” game.

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  1. i think all of our 4 legged children are spoiled, i know my girls are very spoiled, but i love spoiling them. yes, my friends even say they want to come back as one of my dogs. however, i think we enjoy spoiling them as much as they do, we get pleasure from watching them, because they give us so much back in unconditional love. i think our 4 legged children complete our lives. yes, Leo is a cutie, how can you not help by spoil him, with that face!

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