Leo is Thankful

Because it’s the holiday season and we’re running the Thankful Pet Sweepstakes, I figured I’d write about the ways I think Leo expresses his love and appreciation for us. He is such a loving and affectionate puppy, I feel that he is always showing gratitude, even when he is doing something we don’t like, such as jumping on us.

When Leo is excited to see one of us, whether it’s after a potty break when only one of us took him or one of us getting home from work, he will happily greet us with his tail wagging in overdrive and his favorite toy in his mouth. This is usually followed by a well-deserved full body petting. During this petting session, Leo will sit, drop his toy, and stare at me open-mouthed (more likely than not breathing his hot, not-so-fresh breath in my face).

Leo also has a habit of leaning his full body weight against us if we’re petting him while standing, which is usually when we’re in the elevator. One of my favorite things that Leo does is lie on top of my feet when he’s settling down. I think it’s cute and it keeps my toes warm.  Another favorite thing is that Leo allows me to hug him. I’ve read that dogs aren’t fond of hugs, but when I hug Leo he seems to enjoy it and will actually rest his head on my shoulder. It’s possible he just tolerates it because I feed him.

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  1. Beautiful pup as mom ( past and present ) of Lab Rescue dogs I know the special bond between us and our beloved, adopted “kids”

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