Leo is the worst guard dog

Leo is many things, but one thing he is not is a guard dog. He doesn’t have one aggressive bone in his body. The only thing Leo has going for him that makes him seem intimidating is his 95 lb, muscle-packed body. If he barked or growled, he would seem more intimidating too because he has a very loud and thunderous bark, but we can only get him to bark or growl with a little encouragement during intense playtime sessions.

Luckily, Leo isn’t afraid of unfamiliar people. In fact, he sees every person as an opportunity for love and attention. Leo is also very adamant about meeting every dog he sees (meaning he stops walking until I let him go say hi). With Leo, I don’t have to worry about him reacting negatively to other people and dogs.  He is such an easy-going, good boy that anyone could reach into his food bowl or grab a bone right out of his mouth and he would sit there with a wagging tail hoping you’ll give it back to him.

Leo is also not territorial at all. If he hears anyone approaching our door he’ll stop what he’s doing and look towards the door, excitedly. If they knock, he stands by the door (tail wagging, always) and waits for me to open it up. He always enthusiastically welcomes any guest into our home, especially the pizza delivery person.

These are all great qualities that make Leo such a great dog; however, they do make him one of the world’s worst guard dogs

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  1. i dont think most goldens are good for guard dogs, they love people too much. my girls love people, however, when someone comes to my house they dont know, or even if they do know them, they bark, and bark. my oldest is very suspicious of people especially men. she will bite them at their heals, and sometimes other areas. my late schnauzer was like this as well. they are very territorial of their property and very protective. my youngest is a love bug though. my first schnauzer was very protective of her home. when my dad died, she would not let any men inside the house at all. mother had to put Rose away because she would stand at the door, barking, trying to bite any men that came to the house. i think you could train Leo to be more protective of his property and home, however, i dont think it is in the gens. like some dogs that are bred for guard dogs it is natural instinct. i think small dogs are sometimes more protective of their homes.

  2. If I am not mistaking , I believe goldens are very friendly dogs and they really love people a lot . I really enjoy reading Leo’s stories and I personally think that he’s such a cute and adorable dog . I really wish to meet him in person .

  3. So perhaps it’s not “in his genes”, but if they see somebody trying to hurt Dad or, especially, Mom, I think he’d do what comes naturally, and protect you.

    Whenever I have to leave Mom home, I tell Loki “protect Mommy!”, and I have no doubt he would do exactly that.
    It also helps that he absolutely adores her.😁

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