Leo Loves His New Home

Last weekend, we upended Leo’s life by moving into a new apartment, and he was, understandably, NOT happy about it. The days I took him over after work and on Saturday, he was excited to explore the place and sniff every crevice and corner. However, after the initial excitement wore off, he was clearly stressed out and wouldn’t relax until we went home for the night.

On Sunday, the day we moved our big furniture (bed, couch etc.), I dropped Leo off at day camp, partly so he wouldn’t be in the way and possibly get hurt, but also to keep him occupied and make sure he’s too tired to stress when we brought him to his new home for his first night.

His first night went very well. At first, he was reluctant to go into his crate (something he’s not done since he was about 3 months old), but after a little coaxing and extra treats, he went in. Almost seconds later he was relaxed and on his way to falling asleep for the night. The next day when we got home from work we grabbed a ball, took him to the dog park in our community, and played fetch until the sun went down.

Since the first two nights, Leo is totally comfortable in and around our new place. He is much more excited to get home from work and loves to stretch out on the cool floors (we had carpet in our old place).

Now we have to work on his fetching skills… (see video).

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  1. so glad the move went well. Leo seems to be settling right in to his new home. what a relief. i think dogs are so cute with they spread out like frogs. when he gets much older, you will need the carpet back to protect his legs, and from sliding. when my oldest who is now gone, i brought a bunch of yoga mats to put down so she would not slide on the wood floors. it is much easier on their joints. i tried the toe clips but they were a lot of trouble and the socks and booties with rubber on the bottom did not stay on very well.

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