Leo Loves the Beach

When we first brought Leo to the beach, he was about 12 weeks old. He was excitedly played in the sand and seaweed but was not a fan of the water. He would sniff at it but as soon as a wave would break and the swell would rise, Leo would run for dear life in the opposite direction.

For some time, I was sure Leo was the only Golden Retriever in the world that didn’t like water. We only brought him to the beach a couple times after that first time because it was a long drive to only spend 30 minutes there and because Leo was just not interested.

It wasn’t until Leo was about 7 months old when he overcame his fear of the ocean. We had decided once again to take a drive to the dog beach and as soon as we hit the sand, we had a whole new Leo at the end of the leash. He was slightly timid of the waves at first because it was a pretty choppy day, but he chased right after me when I dove into the water. He also had no problem jumping and swimming after the tennis ball we brought along. However, we still were only there for about 45 minutes or so because Leo was exhausted from running around so much.

I’m so happy he actually enjoys water now. It gives us more reasons to go to the beach! It’s so worth the clean-up afterward.

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  1. he was so cute when he was a puppy at the beach. he is still cute. i know most Goldens love the water. a big mess to clean up to get rid of all that sand though. i just love that pic of him sitting on the sand when he was just a babe.

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