Leo Loves the Cold

There’s been a cold front moving across South Florida (lows in the high 30’s/low 40’s) and unlike the iguanas, Leo has been loving every second of it. He is so much more energetic and will tolerate longer walks. If Leo had his way, the weather would be chilly all year round. We are hoping to take him up north so he could see snow because I know he would have just as much fun (if not more) playing in it as he does in the sand.

Because of the cold, Leo has also been able to get a closer look at the iguanas around our complex. As some of you may have seen on the news, iguanas were falling out of trees due to the drop in temperature, and on our evening walk we saw a few of them.  Normally, when I see an iguana they usually run away when we get within 20 feet of it and if it doesn’t move when we get closer, I turn around and walk the other way. They have large claws and are known to be quite vicious so I don’t let Leo get near them. Poor Leo just wants to be friends so he doesn’t understand why we can’t say hi. However, the other day, we came across a few that were lying belly up near a tree and Leo was finally able to see one closer than normal. I still didn’t let him get any closer than 10 feet, but I think he was happy to catch a whiff of them.  Thankfully we didn’t come across any iguanas that were starting to wake up from the cold-stun.

Hopefully we get a few more “cold” days down here before the summer heat and humidity strike.

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