Leo mellowed out

Where did my little monster go? It seems as though a few months ago, I was at my wit’s end trying to keep up with Leo’s antics and puppy zoomies. Once upon a time, zoomies were a daily occurrence. Every day after a morning potty break, Leo would run around our apartment in figure eights while simultaneously jumping between the bed and couch. Surprisingly, he didn’t break a single thing. In the evenings after work, Leo would also have at least 1 more zoomies session.

When Leo wasn’t zoomie-ing he was getting into anything and everything. We couldn’t take our eyes off of him, and if we did let him out of our sight, there was a pretty good chance, we’d find him doing something we didn’t want him doing.

Leo is no longer my little monster. He’s now my calm little cucumber. I can’t even remember the last time Leo went into zoomie-mode. It’s a little bittersweet because it was such a cute and funny thing to witness. Even though Leo is still a puppy (he’ll be turning 1 in a few weeks!) and definitely has his puppy moments, he’s matured a lot in the past few months. His terror moments are now few and far between. If Leo is out of sight at home, I no longer worry he’s off destroying something or peeing somewhere. If we’re watching tv or doing chores and we haven’t seen him in about 15 minutes, we usually find him sleeping by the door or in his crate, like the good boy he is.

I sometimes miss the crazy little puppy Leo used to be. Does it make me want another puppy? HA, not right now. I don’t think my patience has grown yet.

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  1. i know it is sad when the puppy phase is over, but really Leo is still a puppy. Maybe he is just having some down days. i know my girls that are 8,9 wake up at 12am or later and go at it, running up and down the halls, playing, rough housing. i am bed reading. i just let them play. Harley, who is 8 used to be a lot more active, but she has gone through a lot of depression since Evie passed away. she was very attached to her much older sister. she still has her moments tough. i think sometimes bigger dogs lose the “zoomie” phase quicker than smaller dogs. i bet if you had another dog in the house, he would revert back because he would have someone to play with all of the time. i know you are glad he phased out of the trash, pee/poop incidents but sometimes they come back to haunt you.

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