Leo Moves Again

Leo is on the move again! This time he’s leaving a rental behind for a forever home. It has been almost two years since we last moved residences, but Leo definitely senses something is happening. Unlike the last move, Leo won’t be seeing the new place until we are all moved in. Last move, we brought Leo over a couple times before actually staying full time. This time around, Leo will be going to daycare while we get everything packed in a truck and when we pick him up he will be going to a new home. He has shown us that he easily adapts to new surroundings as long as we are there, so we don’t think bringing him over to visit prior to moving in will be helpful.

We expect Leo will be a little confused at first, but very excited when he realizes he has much more space to run around.  He will also be ecstatic to find the other half of his toys that mysteriously went missing earlier this week.  Even though he has plenty of toys remaining, he was very upset that he couldn’t rummage through his toy box and spread them throughout the house.

One of the biggest differences, other than size, between Leo’s current home and his new home, is that the new home has an upstairs. Leo is familiar with stairs, but has never lived with them consistently. He’s not a huge fan of them and will completely avoid stairs that are slippery.  Luckily these new stairs have a carpet on them so he should be fine to go up and down with no problems. As he gets used to those, we are hoping he will become more comfortable with other stairs.

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  1. Leo has a beautiful smile!

  2. i hope you get settled quickly, moving is so hard. i cant believe you are moving in all of this mess, i hope your family stays safe. does the new place have a back yard for Leo to roam?

  3. Aww, congratulations on your new home! I hope everyone gets settled and comfortable real quick! And I hope Leo gets acclimated quick as well!

  4. Thank you for sharing your post about Leo moves again. Nice photos of Leo and congratulations on his new home. Hope Leo enjoys his new home. Nice story as well.

  5. i have not heard from you and Leo in a long time, since Sept. are you still doing the blog and writing about Leo. I hope all is safe.

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  9. Hope Leo enjoys his new home.
    Stunning story. Thank you!

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