Leo & Oscar Meet Again

When we first brought Leo home, Leo met his lifelong friend, Oscar.  Since then, Leo and Oscar have only had brief meet-ups until a couple weeks ago, that is. A few weekends ago, we road tripped north and spent the weekend with Erich’s parents (AKA Oscar’s parents). Yes, that means Oscar is Leo’s uncle!

When Leo and Oscar first met, Oscar wasn’t much of a fan of Leo because he was this small being that wouldn’t leave Oscar alone while simultaneously stealing all the attention due to his tiny cuteness. This time, we weren’t sure what to expect. Both Leo and Oscar get along very well with other dogs, so we were hoping they would play with each other, but we weren’t sure whether Leo would still be his exuberantly-puppy self.

As soon as we pulled up, Leo was much more excited to see Erich’s parents than Oscar, just as Oscar was much more excited to see us than Leo. A few times through the weekend, Leo and Oscar were butts-in-the-air getting playful with each other. However, for the most part, they spent the majority of the weekend laying near each other and occasionally stealing each other’s toys and competing for attention.

It was great to see them get along so well. It was also crazy to see that Leo is now both taller and broader than Oscar. We are very excited for more road trips and watching these boys interact more throughout the summer.

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  1. so nice they get along, that is a lot of fur to clean up, both shed badly. cant believe how big Leo has gotten. do they run and play together?

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