Leo plays rough

We take Leo to the dog park 3-5 times a week and he absolutely loves it. Leo can sense we’re going to the dog park when we get about a mile away from it. The second he realizes it, he starts panting and whining noises. I assume it’s out of excitement because the second he jumps out of the car he drags me all the way to the gate for large dogs. The second we unhook his harness, he takes off and finds the nearest dog to play with.

I imagine one of the reasons Leo loves going to work so much (besides the constant attention from people) is because he occasionally gets to play with other office dogs. In the office, when Leo hears his best bud, Dexter, has entered the office, he spends the whole day looking towards him while simultaneously wagging his tail until we allow some playtime.

Ever since Leo was a puppy, he’d love to rile up dogs to play with him. It didn’t matter what size the dog was. When he was smaller, I was always worried about him getting hurt so I would stay nearby when he was playing with other dogs. I’ve learned that dogs playing may look and sound aggressive, but it’s usually not. I had a hard time trying not to overreact, but I still watched Leo like a hawk to make sure he was ok. If I heard Leo cry, then I would grab him and pull him away from other dogs.  Of course, the second I let Leo go, he would go back to playing with the same dogs.

As he got bigger, I got less worried about Leo getting hurt and more worried about him hurting other dogs. Since he’s such a friendly and happy dog, I’m not worried about Leo biting other dogs, but it seems as though Leo’s first line of defense is to sit on other dogs, so I am a little worried about him squishing other dogs. While that isn’t a big problem for dogs around his size, I don’t imagine a fellow pet parent with a dog less than half Leo’s size would appreciate an 80 lb dog sitting on their 30 lb dog.

Leo still loves to rough house with other dogs, so I still like to keep a close eye on him just in case.

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  1. my girls love to rough house. they also sit on one another. every now and then i will find parts of a beard missing, or a little scab. my girls weigh abt 15 lbs each. i think Leo is still thinks he is a puppy even though he just turned 1. my girls are 8 and 9 and still play hard. i think i would be worried if Leo sat on a small dog. however, i think it depends on the dogs playings, some just seem to know how hard they can play with another dog. think of it as a good way for Leo to wear down his energy and get some exercise.

  2. I hope Leo recognizes that the third picture is a submission posture. When a dog goes belly up like that, it’s saying, “I give up, you win!”

  3. I still like to keep a close eye on him just in case.

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