Leo Potato

Potato (Leo) is in the bottom left corner with the beige collar.

So much thought goes into deciding on a name for your dog. So. Much. Erich and I went back and forth for weeks before sticking with Leo. After he was born, before we brought him home, we started calling him Potato because that’s exactly what he looked like: a little potato with legs and a tail. Since then, Potato has stuck as his “middle” name. He’ll even respond when we call “Leo Potato”.

Before Potato was officially Leo, we had trouble on agreeing on a name. Erich had named one of his childhood Golden’s, Zeus, and wanted to continue the theme and name our dog, Thor. We also thought about naming him Wrigley, after the famous Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs.

I thought of Leo and fell in love with the name (and Leonardo DiCaprio has been my celebrity crush since The Titanic came out). We came up with a compromise: if Potato had massive paws and looked like he would be a big boy, we would name him Thor, and if he looked like he would be a smaller Golden, we would go with Leo.

Well, before we could even tell whether Potato would be a bulky or petite dog, I successfully convinced Erich to agree on Leo. The next day I came home with an engraved silver dog tag to seal the deal.

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  1. I’d like the small st for Evey! She needs some new bowls!

  2. My pup could use a new bowl… thx for a chance 24 oz

  3. The 12oz bowl would be perfect for my cat,Daisy.

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