Leo Runs

Recently, we decided that Leo was old enough to go on jogs with us. We even bought one of those leashes that hooks at my waist for a hands-free run. It has been an experience, to say the least. So far, Leo loves it! Until he decides he’s done, that is. In the beginning, he is all over the place. He runs from one end of the leash to the other and also sporadically stops to mark his territory because he absolutely needs to let other dogs know he was there. He also has a great habit of running directly in front of me so I have to actively try and not trip over him.  Even when I move to one side, he moves with me.

Luckily, this waist leash has a shock absorbing feature so when Leo takes off it’s not too bad. Although, when he saw a duck the other day he almost took me down. He’s getting better at it, and I’m getting better at scanning the area for ducks and squirrels.

After about 20 minutes into the jog, Leo is over it and is ready to go home. He’ll happily jog towards the direction of home, but if we make a turn away from home, he immediately grabs the leash at my waist (yes, he’s that tall) and tries to redirect me towards home.

The most entertaining part of the jog is Leo’s interaction with the sprinklers. Since we jog in the mornings, we usually catch a batch of sprinklers watering the grass at some point. Leo has a love/hate relationship with them. He loves to pounce into them, but as soon as the water hits him he takes off. He’ll also try to catch the water raining over him. It’s so funny to watch.

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  1. i have one of these leashed for my 2 gals. i had extra length, however, they keep running from side to side and i get caught up between the 2 gals. they love to run as i am sure Leo does. i know the feeling when they see something they want to go after. when my girls see the deer, they want to take off. my late oldest would have loved the sprinklers, she loved to jump the water from the hose, but my 2 younger girls hate it because they think they are getting a bath. it is fun to run with the girls. great exercise for all. i think it is funny that Leo grabs the leash and directs you to home, at least he knows where home is and that is great in case he ever gets loose. Leo is much bigger than my girls, they are only abt 15 lbs each. so i know he could probably take you down. my late oldest ran me into a tree one day going after something. had to go to er, get stitches, etc. have a little scar on my forehead. he will probably improve as he gets more used to running on the leash. ,

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