Leo Sheds

I knew this was coming. I knew when committing to Leo, there was going to be shedding. When he first came home, he rarely shed. Now it’s a totally different story. Wow, did I not realize how much hair could leave his little body at any given time. I swear, wherever Leo walks, he leaves a trail of floating hair fluffies in his wake. As a result, I’m definitely giving my vacuum a run for its money.

However, even with the weekly vacuuming (sometimes multiple times a week), the little blond hairs keep on piling up. Since Leo is a spoiled pup, he’s allowed on the couch, which is where most of the hair gathers. I finally got sick of lint rolling the couch and bought a couch protector that I can just throw into the washer when it gets too hairy. In fact, it actually saved me when I spilled some ice cream during Netflix and Chill with Leo.

Even though I brush Leo weekly, he’s still a shed monster. Please let me know in the comments below for any shedding remedies!

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  1. Great product, have purchased in the past. Very pleased with l1800petmeds. Been a loyal customer for years!
    Thank you for the excellent service.

  2. I have a solvit water proof cover for my car. It is one of the best purchases I have made. The product is sturdy and it does exactly what it says, it Solvit.

  3. Would love one of these for my car!!

  4. Would really love to have a Solvit Sta-Put Full Coverage Pet Sofa Protector for Dogs.

  5. I have a dog that loves that I believe this would help immensely.

  6. This would be so helpful to keep my house clean!

  7. Cody loves to lay on the couch and I would not have to worry if I had a Solvit Sta-put sofa protector for my dog.

  8. Between my cushions gets so hairy. We could use this!

  9. My Fur Baby would love to nap on the Solvit cover!

  10. OMG!!! I need this. Both of my fur babies shed new babies daily!

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