Leo Sheds

I knew this was coming. I knew when committing to Leo, there was going to be shedding. When he first came home, he rarely shed. Now it’s a totally different story. Wow, did I not realize how much hair could leave his little body at any given time. I swear, wherever Leo walks, he leaves a trail of floating hair fluffies in his wake. As a result, I’m definitely giving my vacuum a run for its money.

However, even with the weekly vacuuming (sometimes multiple times a week), the little blond hairs keep on piling up. Since Leo is a spoiled pup, he’s allowed on the couch, which is where most of the hair gathers. I finally got sick of lint rolling the couch and bought a couch protector that I can just throw into the washer when it gets too hairy. In fact, it actually saved me when I spilled some ice cream during Netflix and Chill with Leo.

Even though I brush Leo weekly, he’s still a shed monster. Please let me know in the comments below for any shedding remedies!

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  1. I bought my sofa in 1993. It has seen better days. Now I just want to cover it and let the cats sleep on the cover.

  2. I have 2 rescue dogs. A puggle and a beagle. It is amazing how much they shed for being short hair but I love them. They like to snuggle and love attention. This would really help my furniture. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Jean Walker

  3. this looks like a great idea

  4. I have 3 dogs and a cat. Theo is a lab, Sammy is our German shepherd, and Princess is our cockapoo. Sammy likes to sleep on our leather couch and is tearing it up with his claws plus the lab and Sammy both shed bad. It would be great to have something like this to keep my couch in half way decent shape. Thanks Sue Schell

  5. I have 2 large labs and I also raise service dogs and guide dogs (as puppies). If you saw my couch, you would see why I need a new one and when I purchase the new one….this sofa protector would be phenomenal to have! I’ve got all of my fingers crossed!

  6. This would be perfect for new sofa we hope to get after repairs from Hurricane Irma. We have 3 kids 2 dogs and a cat. This would allow everyone to cuddle together

  7. Would love to win this!

  8. I haven’t found a single tip that works yet. LOL!! Going to scanning the comments for sure.

  9. The shedding never stops in my house!! Between the cat and two dogs I can’t seem to keep the fur away! I’m always running the sweeper or dry mopping the entire house to catch the fur balls rolling around my house like tumbleweeds! Plus adding a three year old little girl to the mix and I’ve got quite a mess! Good thing the horses and chickens stay outside! 😱

  10. Would love to have one for my cat!

  11. I purchased a faux leather couch a few months ago. Trying to keep the cats off of it is a real chore! I could really use the Solvit Sta-Put Bolstered Pet Furniture Protector; the cats could enjoy the new couch with the rest of the family!

  12. I could definitely use these …. got 7 indoor cats and a dog.

  13. This would be great for my mom’s 4 Maltese poodles and my snauzer.
    They all take up the couch.
    I know those rascals will love

  14. Getting this would be great so I don’t have to keep cleaning after my two babies, a lab and a mix, that love to lay in the couch with me to watch tv

  15. I would love to have this for my couch. I’m picking up my American Bulldog tomorrow and he is my 2nd American Bulldog! My 1st one shed a lot even if they have short hair they still shed. Hey will have 2 sisters Abbey (daschaund) and Prissey(a doodle) and they shed a little but When you have 3 I will need some protection for my couch!

  16. My couch and my doggie would love to have one of these to snuggle in. Would save in clean up time to.

  17. Would love to win this for my two large furry babies!

  18. Would love to win this for my furry babies!

  19. Always wanting my dogs nearby they love jumping up on the couch. This is a wonderful product to always allow them to be next to you!

  20. Have two dogs who love the couch. Would love to have a product likes this.

  21. I have a cat and a dog but neither of my neighbor’s take care of their dogs. Because I have a doggy door, almost every day, I come home to find my house with two extra dogs seeking a safe comfortable place to be! I really need help with the shedding. I would love to try this to see if it works before I buy several.

  22. My husband became disabled last year and as a result of amputation became wheelchair bound. He began a quest looking for a German Shepherd to become his service dog. When a breeder he was talking to found out he was a veteran, she gifted a beautiful fawn colored German Shepherd to us! I had no idea when she began shedding what we were in for! A cover for dark furniture would be AWESOME!

  23. My Casey dog is a couch potato, too. Yes, she sheds on my dark, solid colored sofa, but her fast-growing sharp nails are an even bigger problem. Would love to throw this handsome cover over the furniture and let her do her worst!

    As far as the shedding goes, my top recommendation is to accept your new, enhanced relationship with the vacuum! Also, getting into the habit of grabbing up clumps by hand whenever you see them keeps your house more company-ready and gives you great exercise as well.

  24. We love our pets!

  25. Definitely need the dog version, it would be much more convenient than our current cover the couch with a blanket method

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