Leo Sheds

I knew this was coming. I knew when committing to Leo, there was going to be shedding. When he first came home, he rarely shed. Now it’s a totally different story. Wow, did I not realize how much hair could leave his little body at any given time. I swear, wherever Leo walks, he leaves a trail of floating hair fluffies in his wake. As a result, I’m definitely giving my vacuum a run for its money.

However, even with the weekly vacuuming (sometimes multiple times a week), the little blond hairs keep on piling up. Since Leo is a spoiled pup, he’s allowed on the couch, which is where most of the hair gathers. I finally got sick of lint rolling the couch and bought a couch protector that I can just throw into the washer when it gets too hairy. In fact, it actually saved me when I spilled some ice cream during Netflix and Chill with Leo.

Even though I brush Leo weekly, he’s still a shed monster. Please let me know in the comments below for any shedding remedies!

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  1. We have both a cat and a dog that climb on our furniture, so this would be great. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Chato and I would benefit from winning! He currently has all my good blankets on the sofa.

  3. Enjoyed the adorable puppy pics!

  4. Allie our Female Cat likes to use a Recliner for Her Naps Would help to have Pad to keep the Hair off Recliner …

  5. With 3 Cats and a Dog I really need one.

  6. My Otis is 115pound Weimaraner/Lab mix his paws are huge. Just hot a new couch and he has already claimed his spot. Really could use a new cover. I hate having to cover it with sheets and blankets.

  7. Mittens likes to sit on top of the air purifier. So I have to put a towel so her hair dies not get inside the fan. Imaging the mess when I turn it in.

  8. Mittens likes to sit on top of the air purifier, so I have to put a towel on top of it so her hair dies not get inside the fan. Imaging the mess when I turn it on.

  9. My sweet dog Bones would love to have a special sofa protector to lay on. He always has to lay by me to feel safe and loved, he was an abandoned pup in the woods that was found one day all Bones and brought to the shelter in Stafford VA. I was sad and lost because my boy Max had passed weeks before at age 14 and while looking on Websites I saw Bones picture and drove 45 to 50 miles just to meet him and fell in love. I adopted him and they brought him to me on the home visit. I’ve had him e he er since about a year and a half now. He really deserves to be pampered so am sure he’ll feel like a king with a special blanket protector just for him and probably one of my kitties that likes to nuzzle up on him to sleep.

  10. We have three cats who seem to love to make themselves at home wherever we might like to sit. So bring on the pet protector. We literally have towels on some of our furniture,

  11. I have 2 dogs who shed enough to create the third pup. Have too love them though. This would really help my furniture.

  12. Brady would really like to have this to use while napping on the sofa and this would really help me.

  13. My two shelter dogs Izzy and Lexi love to spend time on the couch while I’m at work. They get to look out the windows and get to try to keep my two cats off the couch. It doesn’t always work. A couch cover will definitely be beneficial in our home. The couch is preferred over all the dog beds. I always have to push Izzy over since she takes up most of the room. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  14. I have a golden retriever,Brody,who has to be on the couch with me at all times. He sheds like crazy so it’s a constant battle of removing brody hair from the couch. I’ve tried laying sheets down but they just get crumpled up very quick. I would love to try a product like this.

  15. Beans, my rescue cat would look just great on this rather than the sheets or blankets bought at garage sales. He does love to sleep

  16. I have a brand new sofa and my Service Dog likes to get on my sofa to sleep behind my throw pillows…woild lobe to win this this great cover!

  17. My Jasmine, Jazzie for short, a 3 y/o black and white pit, that I adopted when her owner was not able to care for her, is also a monster shedder. Black and white hair is everywhere, so she and I would benefit immensely from this product.

  18. I two very fluffy dogs Momo and Koda Bear shed like crazy. I am Amazed at how much fur they lose twice a year, fluff everywhere!

  19. We have 3 dogs …. Cover that fits correctly would be wonderful.

  20. With 1 dog and 5 cats, we could use one at least. They all want to sleep on the furniture but search out any item of clothing or blanket (sometimes even just papers) to lay on.

  21. My dog ‘Nilla thinks everywhere is her bed, even though I bought her a beautiful one! My couch would sure be happy to have a cover!

  22. With five dogs, this would be wonderful!

  23. I have 2 kitties that shed really bad. This would be awesome to have.

  24. I have a 9 month old Newfie/Yellow Lab mix who weighs over 80 lbs & loves to be spoiled! She has over taken out furniture! Like Leo, at first she really didn’t shed, but now we gather up a whole other dog everyday. I have been looking for a good full coverage sofa protector. This would be so great! Even if I don’t win, I’m going to have to budget some money & look into this if this is a great recommendation!

  25. One of the biggest struggles of a furniture protector is making it stay in one place with our boxer, Lincoln. Solvit Sta-Put is a great name.

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