Leo Squeaks

Other than a bully stick, antler, or tennis ball, Leo’s favorite toy is any of the ones that make noise, especially the squeaky ones. In fact, the squeakier the toy, the more Leo absolutely LOVES it. Whenever he’s playing with one of the toys, he’ll find the squeaker and proudly parade around, while simultaneously squeaking the toy nonstop.

For the most part, I’ll let Leo have his fun because it’s so cute to watch. He gets very excited (and proud of himself) when he hears the squeak. However, there are some times that those headache-inducing squeakers need to disappear, like at bedtime. In addition to his own playtime, Leo loves to use squeaky toys for attention. For example, if we are looking at our phones, Leo will grab a squeaky toy and nudge the phone while making noise until we respond (spoiler alert: it doesn’t take that long for me to react).

Leo also has a very keen sense when we want to hear a squeaky toy least of all. He’s very good at walking around the apartment squeaking a toy during our favorite TV shows and movies. This usually ends up in us chasing him around for the toy and putting it away somewhere until the episode is over. To say Leo doesn’t like that would be an understatement. He makes his dissatisfaction known every time with an exaggerated sit and loud sigh. Yes, he’s got a ruff life.   

Unfortunately, I’ve had to take some of his favorite toys home from work because they are just too loud. There are a few left at work that he plays with, but I’ll take away at times if he gets too rowdy with it. I think he knows that so he usually just walks around with the toy in his mouth instead and squeaks it just enough to make himself happy but not make me get up and take it away.

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  1. Leo is absolutely gorgeous.

  2. I saw that Chewy has a”flat”sqeaky toy that is supposed to be pretty heavy duty/my Zoey likes to pull out the squeakers and if I don”t get them as soon as she does it,well you know.She just can’t have shreadable furry squeakers anymore.Has anyone tried the vertually indestructable squeaker chewy.com is selling?

  3. my youngest loves toys that makes noises. they do make silent toys, that only the dog can hear. the hippo is so cute. i love how goldens carry their toys around with them.

  4. love the way your dog playing with this cute toys.
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