Leo Talks Back

Leo is usually a quiet puppy (emphasis on the usually), aside from his random baby dinosaur noises when he’s yawning or stretching. We’ve been very lucky that he doesn’t bark at other people, dogs, or other random things dogs bark at. When we first introduced crate training to him he would whine and bark in the crate. Gradually (and thankfully), he stopped altogether as he grew more comfortable in the crate. Now, he is quiet when we leave the house, and even gets in the crate when we say, “go to bed”.

Unfortunately, Leo has this habit of talking back. Soon after the initial cuteness wore off and we introduced Leo to the word “no”, he started barking back. I assume it’s either in protest of being told no, or he thinks were barking at him.

Now that he’s reaching his bratty, teenage months, the “no’s” are flowing much more freely since his curiosity is getting him into everything, like my torn up carpet, chewed crown molding, and more (we’ve already accepted that we’re not getting our deposit back). Every “no” we throw at Leo, we get between 1-3 barks back. He has even done it to other people!

Sometimes we avoid the bark-fest by distracting him with a toy or making him sit, but since he’s a smart puppy, it doesn’t always work.

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  1. Pet bowls should be washed daily. Missy would love the 12 oz. bowl.

  2. Gracie would love a new pet bowl

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