Leo the Garbage Picker

Recently, Leo has developed this new behavior, and it’s entirely my fault. The garbage can never interest Leo, whether it was open or closed. I was always surprised that he wouldn’t try and knock it over to get the remains of dinner or whatever else might smell good in there. Leo was notorious for counter surfing especially during the time between cooking a meal and cleaning up afterward so I always watched to make sure he didn’t go into the garbage after clean-up.

It wasn’t until recently when my guard (and common sense) was down, and I threw a half-eaten pint of Ben and Jerry’s right at the top of the garbage. I left both Leo chewing his toy on the couch and showered and came back to a happy Leo and an empty pint of ice cream. I shouldn’t have been at all surprised that he went for the ice cream, but I was a little surprised he didn’t try and grab anything else in the garbage. Of course, at that point, Erich and I panicked a little because Leo has always had a sensitive stomach and he had just ingested a lot of dairy with little pieces of chocolate. We watched him closely all night, and he was absolutely, positively, and perfectly fine, thankfully. Lesson learned I promise!!

Since then, he’s always interested in what might be in the garbage. At home, we now keep our garbage can under the sink, so the only garbage can he has access to is the one at work. No matter what I throw in there, whether it’s paper, water bottles, “dead” toys, he always has to come and check it out. A few times I’ve left my office and came back to Leo playing with a ripped up toy I threw away. I will admit, the first time it happened, I thought I was going nuts, but I eventually realized he was just extra sneaky.

I’m not really sure how to un-train him of garbage picking. So for now, it’ll just be removing the garbage from the situation, which isn’t a bad thing I guess.

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  1. you certainly were lucky. he could have had diarrhea. luckily my girls are not tall enough to get to the trash, however, if I leave food on my nite stand or bed or somewhere they can get it …it is gone. I was lucky one time because i left my dinner on my nite stand, went back to get something to drink and it was gone. chicken bones and all. I was so worried. my oldest follows me to the kitchen and if i drop something I better pick it up quickly. she will stop if I say no, though. how is Leo and his new buddy? hope all had a great Vday.

  2. We used to have to set the trash can out in the garage whenever we left home or we would come home to a huge mess. I googled locking trash cans and found SimpleHuman . We bought a kitchen trash can and have had it for years. They are a bit expensive and they try to sell you their own liners/bags (you can use any 13 gal. bag) but the can is great. It is scary that your dog could get into dangerous territory whenever something tasty lands in the can. The can is definitely cheaper than a vet bill. 🙂

  3. Thank you for letting me try the product before I try it, I’m sure it works but I will be back if I get my dog pack .

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