Leo the Giant Furball

Leo may not have a coat that reaches show dog standards, but he really does have a beautiful, full coat with fluffies in all the right places. With that in mind, maintaining his coat requires a lot of work. Leo needs weekly brushing sessions to keep his thick coat shiny and free of dead fur. He also needs it because he’s prone to getting mats behind his ear and armpits. He’s not a fan of getting brushed, but he tolerates it because he knows he’ll get a treat afterward.

Other than weekly (sometimes biweekly if I forget) brushings and nail clippings, Leo doesn’t need any more grooming. Sometimes I need to trim behind the ears or under his butt, but that’s about it. A lot of people (including my mom) ask me why I don’t shave Leo’s coat since we’re in Florida, especially in the scorching heat of the summer. It’s logical to think that shaving Leo would help keep him cooler in the heat, but in reality, that is not the case. As a Golden Retriever, his coat is made to protect them in any type of weather.

Leo is a double-coated dog, meaning he has a long, smooth outer coat and a soft and fluffy undercoat, which actually work together to help maintain his body temperature in both cold and hot temperatures. If I were to shave him, he would be at risk of overheating and getting a sunburn. Plus I think he’s just too cute to shave!

In order to keep Leo cool and comfortable on extra hot days, we make sure he has more than enough water available and we keep walks short and sweet, especially between noon-4 pm.

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  1. You are exactly right! Digs have fur for a reason…😊 He’s so handsome!

    Stay safe during the upcoming storm…

  2. Looking at the pics posted in this chapter of the Saga of Leo, I couldn’t help but think back to the pics of him when you first got him.
    He’s certainly grown up to be a handsome fella, and it’s been a source of enjoyment watching him grow. And grow. 😁
    I know the feeling, but Loki was almost 5 months old when we got him from the shelter, and now he’s just under 100 lbs.
    Fortunately, he’s done growing, though he’s still not the largest dog we’ve had (think Great Dane).
    Leo is fortunate to be a part of your family.

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