Leo the Little Guy

As I’ve mentioned before, Leo’s a healthy, 95 lb puppy. He was the biggest puppy in his litter and is the biggest dog in our neighborhood. Most days he’s usually the biggest dog in the park unless we’re lucky enough to see a Great Dane, St. Bernard, or other larger breed. Since he was about 10 months old, we’ve rarely come across dogs that are larger than Leo. As a result, we have a dog that thinks he’s one of the little guys.

It can be cute when your person-sized dog thinks he’s a teacup pup until he decides to jump on you. Despite his size, Leo loves to spend quality time sitting in anyone’s lap or taking a nap on top of you. He just can’t help himself (I may encourage it too!). Leo is also great at putting his full weight on anyone who gives him the good scratchies. As soon as Leo starts getting pet, he always leans, butt-first, into your legs begging for more.

It’s always funny seeing Leo interact with small dogs. Even though he towers over them, he always gets sad when they run away from him. Unfortunately, he’ll never know what it feels like to have a dog triple his size barreling straight towards him, so he’ll never understand why the small dogs run. On occasion, there are a handful of small dogs that aren’t afraid of Leo and they’ll have a blast playing! However, since Leo’s signature move is to sit on his “opponent” I always watch him closely to make sure he doesn’t with a dog that couldn’t handle it.

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  1. Awh God bless you sweetie and all who love ❤️ you.🤗

  2. Yes indeed ! May god bless you sweetie and those who loves you as well . You are such an adorable pet that I wish I could spend some time with you . You are really so adorable !!!!

  3. yes it is funny when big dogs think they are lap dogs. i see this at dog shows with Irish Wolfhounds, who love to sit in their owner’s laps at the dog shows. i love his signature move, sit on the opponent. hope it is not a small dog.

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