Leo the Lovebug

One of Leo’s greatest qualities is that he is so loving. He loves anyone and everyone unconditionally. I’m absolutely positive and also worried he would walk away with anyone. Nothing, except for food and squeaky toys, makes him happier than the presence of other people.  At work he always enthusiastically greets anyone willing to say hi to him. Even at the park Leo makes sure to say hi to every single person in the park, which is not how he used to be. When Leo was a puppy he would play with all the dogs the entire time. Now, he still does play with some of the dogs, but he just cannot pass by a new person without saying hello.

He is always such a happy boy and always excited to see us, even if we’ve only gone out for 2 minutes to grab something from the car. His eyes always light up and his tail and butt do a wild combo of wagging every single time. That’s how I really know he loves us.

Leo is also a big cuddler. Unless it’s too hot, Leo will sleep leaning against my legs in bed and take naps with his head resting on my leg on the couch. One of his favorite things to do is to rest his head in our laps and stare at us with big puppy dog eyes until we pet him and he will stay in that same exact spot until he’s had his fill of behind-the-ear scratches. My favorite part about that is when I don’t give him scratches or I stop too early, he will go to Erich for attention and he will stare straight into my soul and give me a satisfyingly smug look.

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  1. He’s such a cutie…lol

  2. Im afraid I feelt in love with Leo..

  3. he is so cute, i dont think he would ever leave you, though. my girls are love bugs too. not with everyone but with me. my youngest is a love bug with everyone then she has to come back to mom. i sometimes think my girls think i am their real mom, because they always want to be with me, since i dont work, they are so attached to me, and always have to be hear me. i think a lot of dogs may think this way especially if you got them when they were babies. they know your smell, voice, can even tell the sound of your car, footsteps, etc.

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