Leo the only child

Even though Leo was born in a litter of 11 and grew up with siblings until he was 8 weeks old, Leo is an only “child”. We don’t have any real kids at home nor do we have any other pets, meaning all of the attention is on Leo. He has all the toys to choose from at home (and at work), and he gets all the attention from us at home and from everyone at work. In short, he’s a spoiled pup. He thinks all toys are his and all the attention should be his. This, of course, isn’t a problem at home but can be quite entertaining at work or at the dog park.

Usually when we’re at the dog park, we walk the path while Leo plays with other dogs and runs around. However, because I love dogs, I stop frequently to pet them. More times than not, it’s a quick pet and the dogs run off to play with other dogs. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to pet a dog who loves to be pet and will stick around for more than a few seconds. This is a big no-no in Leo’s eyes, especially if I call said dog “good boy/girl”. If he notices me petting a dog for too long, he’ll come running from anywhere in the park to claim his attention from me. Once Leo has won my attention back, he’ll run off again to play with other dogs.

At work, Leo’s “only child” tendencies usually appear during play dates with Dexter or Asher. If we visit Dexter’s or Asher’s office, Leo spends the whole time stealing their toys and running away with them. He’ll even try to bring them back to my office because he thinks that the toys are now his.

As of right now, Leo will be the only child for the foreseeable future. Whenever we do decide to bring home another puppy or a kitten, he will be in for a rude awakening.

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  1. yes, but Leo would never know he was an only child with so much love. my late oldest was an only child for 8 yrs. she did not like it at all when i got Tressa, she tolerated her but they never really played together. the next year i got Harley, Tressa’s 1st cousin, Evie liked her some, but Harley adored her big sis, went into a big depression when Evie passed away. Tressa and Harley are very best friends, they play together a lot. Leo looks like Daddy’s big boy, favorite boy in the pic.

  2. Leo’s a lucky dog…lol

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