Leo The Runner

For a while now Leo has been pretty good off-leash in certain situations. At the dog park, he usually ends up walking with us along the trail. Even at the beach, he’ll run in and out of the water or play with dogs walking by but generally stay near us.

When we are visiting his best friend, Oscar,  we need to block off the porch or dock so Leo doesn’t wander off. We can take him for a quick potty break off-leash and he’ll stick with us, but anything farther than that he would get a leash. It helps that Oscar is very good off-leash so Leo follows his lead.

Just when we were beginning to let down our guard a bit, Leo made a run for it during one of those “quick” potty breaks. Luckily he didn’t get too far and it was in a very low traffic area, so I was able to quickly recover the errant boy. Now, for his safety, we will keep his leash on until we can build up the trust again.  

Is your dog well-behaved off-leash? What are some tips and tricks to training your dog to be trusted off-leash in a safe environment? Let me know!

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  1. My dog is a Border Collie and we walk without a leash everyday, Yet he doesn’t even cross the street without my OK. The secret is we been doing it since he was 7 weeks old and a lot of headaches along the way., 2 years later he’s like a human

  2. actually, I don’t like to say it But, a dog is a dog and unless there is constant training there are some that just won’t learn. They have that wild i want to go thing in them. We Have told people we know that have their dog off leash that it’s not recommended. They see a cat, another dog and there focused on that and 3 dogs have been hit by cars, 1 dog died and the other two had at least 1 surgery. Some dogs just want to wander. Good luck!

  3. yes, my 2 gals would take off in a second, they see a deer, rabbit, bird and off they go, they are terriers. they were very good when they were puppies, but i cant trust them not to run away. my oldest that passed away, she would take off every now and then but not too far, most of the time, and would come when called, but these 2 gals, they seem to go deaf. i have worked with them and the oldest even went to training, but nothing will stop them. i dont live near traffic but on 11 plus acres, so is very scary what they may get into or what animal they may come into contact with. thank goodness, i have a very large covered deck where they can run and watch, and play. they also have a very large dog pen, which the youngest learned out to get out when she was a puppy. she would jump on the tarp covering, walk across and jump down. i had to sit at the window and watch how she got out. i took down the tarp covering. i think some dogs are just better than others at learning. thank goodness there was no traffic. sometimes it is hard to catch them because they think it is a game.

  4. Leo should ALWAYS be on a leash unless you are in a fenced dog park. How are going to feel if he attacks another dog or other animal! Or child? I have followed Leo’s antics since you got him. Love Leo!
    Please for his sake and yours keep him on leash He’s too precious to lose.

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