Leo the Self-Entertainer

Playing with Leo has become one of my favorite pastimes. We play tug of war, hide and seek, fetch as well as other doggy games. We don’t play much at work, so while Leo is with me the whole day, we don’t interact as much as we would if we were home. Sometimes he’ll come over to my desk and put his head in my lap, and more times than not I’ll stop what I’m doing and give him some behind-the-ear scratches (because how could you say no to that face???).

For most of the day, Leo usually naps in uncomfortable-looking positions. When he isn’t napping he’ll keep himself occupied by playing with his stash of toys that he has in my office. I try to keep the squeaky toys to a minimum here because he just loves to squeak then incessantly. If he’s playing with a ball, he’ll kind of throw it around with his mouth then grab it and do it again.  He also likes to sneak-up on his toys when they’re not looking and pounce on them. Sometimes he even likes to gather his toys and then nap with them. It’s an adorable sight. By the end of the day, all of Leo’s toys are strewn everywhere. If only he could learn how to put them away (believe me I’ve tried)!

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